The three-week Heist Flashback, the third event of this holiday period, has started this weekend and we're happy to see that players are having a lot of fun playing it. While you're taking a short break, check out the Flashback highlights we've selected for today.

The event will end at 10am January 4th PST, so those of you who haven't joined yet, have plenty of time to do so! Find out more information about the Heist Flashback here.
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Grinding Gear Games
That Havoc clip made me lol.
and these are the highlights? -.- k.
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Sitting this one out because the 9-5 is too busy but it's looking fun
Le Toucan Will Return
innervation wrote:
That Havoc clip made me lol.
What was that even, detonate corpses?
^ I think Bameth kill him :D

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