Demigod's Authority Preview

Bring back HARVEST
Shagsbeard wrote:
Glad that you seem to realize that giving "powerful" items as a reward is a dead end.

Literally no Demigod's item has ever been top-tier. Some have been *usable*, and this is not. But they're pretty much all just things designed for stacking silly amounts of character size.
I'm sure all the bots in Standard will be very impressed when they see this thing.
17th April, 2021: GGG allowed 'popular' streamers access to PoE but denied it of everyone else. For 'a pile of money'. PoE is a free to play game. So play it for free. Clearly they don't need your money. Boycott GGG.

If I've been probated I can't check messages; contact 'The_Scourge' on reddit.
It looks very nice but unfortunately pretty out of reach for me, But hey that's not gonna hold me from trying. I'm really looking forward in playing the events.
And I wish everybody good luck and fun.
none of any 3d art mtx appear in fighting anymore.
5-6 years ago, 3d arts and armor MTXs looked very nice and cool. However There are too many visual effects like huge skill effects while playing.
I have bought many skin transfers but I don't buy anymore.
Will they also award Dominances like they did in Synthesis event (awarded both Helm and Chest)?
Good luck to you all playing today.

Here is a tip for new players: check "" and take a look at the previous two leagues to see which ascendancy class characters have the least amount played. Remember, it is the top 5 for each ascendancy that will receive the sword.

If you are new to racing or these events, this is a great way to try and get your foot in the door.

Personally, I will play [Removed for revealing fishing secrets] as this will be the best time to find [Removed by Support]
I know the rewards goes to the top 5 players in each ascendancy, but what if you don't take an ascendancy?
ONLY top five ranked players? Comon GGG give top 500 or somehting

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