Earlier this week, we announced three epic events for December - Mayhem, Endless Delve and Flashback. The most highly ranked players in these events will win the new Demigod's Authority reward. We gave you a sneak peek in the announcement post but these items also have new 3D art and an awesome visual effect we want to show off.

The sword's art and aura visual effect also be transferred to other one-handed swords via a skin transfer! We can't wait to see players participating in the event. Best of luck to everyone!
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One to poke them when the slaves isn't moving forward for sure
Glad that you seem to realize that giving "powerful" items as a reward is a dead end.
Looks nice!
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Looking forward to the events even though I have zero chance of ever winning a Demi.
Too bad we already know who will get those items. At least they're not powerful anymore but just showoff
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this gets 3d art meanwhile atziri's acuitys from 1.1 don't SMH
I wonder if anyone who gets one will give it to their AG.
A look ill never achieve

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