Demigod's Authority Preview

looking pretty sexy !
Looks pretty nice
ekaye wrote:
I wonder if anyone who gets one will give it to their AG.

No point - it's basically the same aura as Kingmaker but worse because it's not a Kingmaker.
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Cool, but ill never have it.
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boring reward.

edit.. and useless ofc.
fun in poe should never stop, yet people stop playing it half way thru, why ? to reach endgame and grind one same content over and over again, when people start understand, collecting scraps is not enough. and nobody wants to trade them to get ex wich allows slam eye closed for regen mod
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Looks good but it'll rot on standard cause everyone who will have it plays core leagues the minute they drop.
Really good to finally see events and this kind of items. Im more interested on the other rewards xD
Too bad we already know who will get those items. At least they're not powerful anymore but just showoff

Yo, could you please let me know who will get these in each event, game mode and ascendency? You’re going to save me heaps of time watching streamers and looking at ladders. Heck I could even make some unethical bets! Thanks! :-)
@Bex: nice graphic display, but when we are on it: when are the rest of the items (regular and alt art) going to get their proper 3D art? For some we have been waiting 7+ years.

EDIT: I forgot that in POE 2 all item graphics will be updated.
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looks awesome ♥
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