3.12.5 Patch Notes Preview

Please fix this bug before the league ends GGG :)

here is proof that lot of alternate quality gems isnt working at all

Fixed an issue where Phantasmal Splitting Steel was missing its "chance to Impale Enemies on Hit" quality effect modifier.

what the hell gg

fix effect of non damaging ailments and phantasmal barrage and many more. you only look streamer inquires than fkn normal people problems wtf is this bs =??
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//go next
Why did you give up fixing the horrible performance that PoE has been suffering for so many years ?
That's it? There are multiple broken alt qualities, yet some apple shield bs gets fixed with any sort of priority?
Fixed a memory leak that could occur when using Tempest Shield.

That... explains things. Thank you!
Close down the "Feedback" section. Stop pretending you care about feedback outside of reddit.
#VanillaHarvestFlashback please
When Dynamic Resolution is enabled, you can now adjust a Resolution Factor slider, which will cause the game to use this fixed factor resolution, rather than dynamically adjusting it.

Meaning ?

We can have 1920x1080 native res but scale the game res at 4k ?
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Shagsbeard wrote:
Only thing that bothers me is you're still working on Sirus. Was hoping you'd give up on that and trash the whole thing.

When have they ever done that... :'(
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