3.12.4d Deployment and Full Patch Notes

grubolsch wrote:
satanttin wrote:
"The Azurite Mine is now capped at Depth Level 65,535."
so delve is not infinite anymore? xD

also when is this gonna be released?

Given the specific number, I don't think it was ever really infinite.
That number is the max length of an unsigned short integer, so it probably just crashed above that.

The real question is: who in the hell came close enough to delve that deep to trigger that bug. :-P

Blink did. long live Blink, unarmed glacial hammer King of Delve.
I like the folders, but I have 68 premium stash tabs, all colored and named for me to recognize easily. Now they are all in a bunch of brown folders. Can you please make it possible to change the colours of the folders? Even if it's premium folders for a price I would be happy.
Works almoste great!

Pease make the folders so that we can chooe the color (at least when all are premium/special tabs)

And the Metamorph Tab wont work with the Affinities (nither the organs nore the catalysts!)

thank you!
Ty, great patch.
Affinity is the reason I am coming back!
Thank you!
Incredible update. Pure genius. AMAZING! I am SO EXCITED!
I'll take "Swords" for two hundred Alex.
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Add +/- to the left or right of the folder in the drop-down menu.
Use +/- to fold/expand Stash Tab Folders.
Or use a double click mouse to fold/expand the Stash Tab Folders.

It might be better.

Now, Stash Tab Folders cannot be expanded,
Folders can be used to hide infrequently used Stash tabs, which helps shorten drop-down menu
Could we please start mentioning in patch notes when features are or not going to be implemented for consoles? I have a feeling that many console players are going to read this and be looking forward to stash folders and affinity; Which would be great except most of the time when these patches hit console, awesome features such as this are not ready for console, or seemingly will never be added (cough*tab pricing*cough).

Such things as tab pricing, tab folders, tab affinity, GUILDS, and others would be a major QoL implementation for consoles. And some of these features we have been waiting a VERY long time for.

With the availability of next-gen consoles right around the corner, we could be seeing many players returning to the platform that have left due to quality, performance, and feature issues.

It sucks to see notes such as these and never know if we are getting amped up for no reason at all until we get the patches days later, and many times are left down due to lacking additions to the platform.

Mentioning the availability or non-implementation for console within the patch notes could spare this let down. Especially when new platforms such as Mac will likely have the features that console players have been waiting on for what feels like forever now.

Granted I am assuming (which I shouldn't) that console will not be getting these features, but after a while a habit becomes an expectation.
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Thx GGG!!!

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