We The North - guild for mature players

Invites have been sent out. Welcome everyone!

Hi everyone. Terry from Virginia. 57 and happily retired. I have been playing POE since Synthesis league with some breaks here and there. I typically play at least 2 months of each league and a good 4-6 hours a day. I would love to join you all to learn some, help some and tell some really bad jokes.

IGN: Kurfluffle
Character names are all some version of Zuzz

Hi, I currently live in Ottawa. Been playing since Delirium. Usually try and play about 2-3 hours a day. Looking for active community to have fun with learn and to learn more about the game
I'm a somewhat new player looking for people to have fun with. I'm trying to be on has much has I can but my working schedule kinda wierd these day. IGN is ChairmanSpark. Looking forward to play with some of you.
Ingame name currently: Idarpff

24 Year old that played POE since essence league on and off. Play most games and enjoy hanging out. Born in Norway now work in Ireland, working remote so got alot of time on my hands for breaks and stuff to do other things. happy to help people if they need and ask for help if I need myself. be glad to have a group to play with again since my last one has stopped playing POE. Also hang out in voice if people are there.

Hey! I'd like to join! I'm 35 years old, living in germany. My current build is flicker strike raider. I'd love to be within an active community, to share, to discus or just hang around :)


invites sent out. welcome
Hey there! I would like to join. I'm 35, currently living in MTL (I don't speak French tho xD). I play almost every league since... Domination lol.
I understand that the place is kinda dead and abandoned now but i'd like to be in your ranks nevertheless.

IGN: Insomnia_Lake
invite sent. welcome
Hey, my name is Brandon but I go by Greedy 32 from FL.

I am pretty new to the game this is my 2nd week however I have studied a little bit of Youtube..

"Not during work hours"

Not even sure what a guild has to offer but I am constantly joining pub map games just to have people to play with, so it's time to give it a try.

lvl 89 summon raging spirit/spectre build.

IGN: GreedyCrabLord
Discord: Greedy#6493

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