3.13 Launch Delayed until January

Holy shit that is just absolutely awful.

The games are not remotely similar and you shouldn't step out of the way for any release, let the players chose what they want to play. All this does is screw over all of us who do not give a rats ass about Cyberpunk.

Absolutely disgraceful, I will skip the next set of supporter packs because of this.
Is there a reason you can't just play both games? Answer me that lol
Dys an sohm
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be honest, u cant finish 3.13 until december lul.
Good call, and hopefully you'll get some relaxing dev time in before the holidays without the pressure of a full league launch.
Anyone feel like this is a fake excuse? That they are just having issues and this is a good reason to give them more time to get prepped?
I really appreciate this decision! It stretches the time frame for development, which (hopefully) results in a much smoother first two week experience for the next league. Plus GGG hopefully gets some much needed rest during the holidays!

I hope you guys can take your time for development, beta- testing, goofing around and shaking the ashes of 2020 off :)

So 3.13 won't be ready for December and Cyberpunk gave you a good excuse to delay?
auspexa wrote:

An extremely large portion of the gaming community... That's who
Im speechless
Dunno about this, sounds like a good excuse to not get a shitty league start or polishing 3.13 to not make the same mistake as in 3.12 but still it's a pretty weird decision.

Hopefully you guys can organize some fun even in the meantime, not community-organized races but a fun flashback league or something perhaps.
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