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Phantasmal Reave doesn't stack with Vaal Reave, so the gem currently does basically nothing since max stacks are still 8.

IGN: TerraTango
Legacy Leaguestones on standard please!
ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 Occultist
Vinktarded - L100 Pathfinder
Please feel free to message me if you are having problems about anything!! I would love to help!
Stay frosty exiles!

You'll Never Walk Alone!
Still no fix for delirium fog disappearing during every dash.
Are you trying to make people have epileptic seizures?
Jerle wrote:
I’ve not felt this bad about a league in a long time.

Il n’y a pas de soleil sans ombre, et il faut connaître la nuit.
Too late for me though, already got my cat reward for participating in the first 3 weeks of beta test.

Tried to continue & play your latest patch (3.12.3) even after completing my league goals, but I don't see anymore point in continuing.

Back to hibernate mode... See you next league, maybe?
The Rogue Behaviour this league is really really bad. We don't need you to make them attack the mobs, cuz they can't kill anything. Just make it follow and do the tasks, no more. And increase the drop rate of unique Heist pls, 3 weeks and only dropped 3.
chaotic neutral
No fixes for disappearing rogues, or for the fix for Anomalous Enlighten Support not giving the Intelligence reduction? Its the entire point of the gem...
Razormaze wrote:
fix level profession on rogue it still not workin...

its not level profession its 1 level hover over one in game who has a trinket with +1 level and one who doesnt...

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