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GGG, overal Heist is really better. But for me,,after exp buff, it still feels terrible. 4x slower than maps. Can we still get some kind of exp buff there somehow...
S T I L L No corspewalker boots. I'm forever holding it against GGG for spoiling a league item and then not even putting it into the game.
what about lowering the alert level because i dont see the point in revealing more chests and pay lots of coins if you cant open what you pay for because of the alert lvl and yes as the guys says above the xp is pretty low from heists i thought that to
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Just got my first unique contract and can't get behind the first door
The AI won't open the door.... Weak 3 of Beta still running
who in their right mind will use stash tab affinities when they get added? i predict lots of bugs and destroyed items. that's how much faith i have. i pity the beta testers.
What about the FREQUENT and MASSIVE FPS drops even on very high end machines? You have mentioned that you're aware of the issue and will be moving enemy effects into pre-load (which they should have already been), but why hasn't that happened already? Dying to massive graphical overload on a GTX 1080 - even with graphics turned WAY down - is NOT acceptable. This needs to be among your highest priorities, so not even seeing it mentioned makes me wonder if you're taking it seriously.
I am experiencing a game crash every time I go through a Delirium Mirror, and occasionally when starting a heist. Luckily they are still up when I log back in (so I have that going for me lol) Just thought I would comment in case others were also experiencing this as well. ;)
Wow so it’s official, took over a month to release the complete Heist good job
eakingdevil wrote:
Wow so it’s official, took over a month to release the complete Heist good job

Complete?? LoL....thats kinda funny!
A lot of good changes are coming according to your post.

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