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@Lykkoith Sorry, but your way of thinking is just as bad as those crybabies on Reddit.

It is true, that you can MITIGATE some of the bugs by playing the game you mentioned, but this is not how the game should work at all.
I understand, that you are very passionate and just play the game no matter the circumstances, but this time GGG put themself in a tough position and therefore deserve this harsh critic.

Two weeks prior to Heist, they restructured their Data. By doing so, they created tons of Bugs in the maingame. (Gems not working, Items not working, curses not working and so on).

You are saying, that 120k+ Player shouldn't be disappointed, when they are literally Betatesting the first weeks? A Game, as big as PoE, still has no Survey or a QA Team, that has influence. You can say whatever you want, but it doesn't change the fact, that the Quality of PoE is regressing. Since Delirium, we are struggling with major performance issues and instead of solving all the problems, they put out more content with even more bugs and ignore the old problems.

As mentioned before, all of this are decisions GGG made themself, so there is no point in defending them. IF there was a competitor, then a lot of Player would just quit PoE until it gets better. The thing is, there isn't and because of this, player are very dissasfied and this time very loud.
I clearly said that those bugs need to be solved and GGG is taking too long to do it, I'm far from being a white knight. They're making mistakes, lots of them. And, specifically in Heist, the worst mistake they've done is to hear their community. The point is how far the inconsistent hate-spreading will go. It was a bad league start? Of course it was. GGG could have done it better? Probably yes. And none of us is inside their development, or knows exactly the magnitude of covid lockout on their job, or the requirements that Tencent has put over them (let's be realistic, China's hand is so long), so the most we can say is PROBABLY yes. It's a failed league? No, it isn't, people with a well-grown brain can enjoy it with no major issues. GGG killed it? Absolutely not, crybabies did it, claimed it dead because THEY don't like it and/or they're just too stupid to avoid bugs and crashes even if they perfectly know where they are.

Some people just say that the league is dead because the economy was severely damaged after some changes... So I have to remind, who asked for those changes? Who cried over and over until GGG gave in? So let's stop pointing at the devs team and let's start putting the guilts there they belong to. GGG's fault? Maybe at 25 or 30%. For not listening? No, for listening too much. But for the most part, the current state of Heist is community's fault. Let's say it clear, ok? If GGG wouldn't have lost that much time giving in to stupid babycryings and changing things they shouldn't have changed, Heist would have been completely fixed a week and a half ago.
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So let's stop pointing at the devs team and let's start putting the guilts there they belong to. GGG's fault? Maybe at 25 or 30%. For not listening? No, for listening too much.

I never mentioned the Devs. The Devs are not at fault here. At fault are the ones, who distribute the resources within GGG. They clearly overestimate themself and don't care about testing as you can see. We get more MTX than patches right now. Do you think, that this is healthy? They don't even change the Artstyle, they mostly change colors. (VD, Carrion)

GGG has no fault, because they listen to community?
A Game, as big as PoE, still has no Survey or a QA Team, that has influence.

They are 100% at fault for not filtering the community and implementing/testing them on a seperate server first to get feedback. But, there is no testing, therefore we always get untested stuff implemented. This is a loop GGG generates themself. They are the centre and not the community. If things are tested and work, then there won't be complains, or at least no mass-crying, right?

No, it isn't, people with a well-grown brain can enjoy it with no major issues.
Have you seen the performance on PS4? It is not playable at all and there is no way to avoid it except waiting for fixes. Also, my specs are pretty ok, but since a few patches ago, my performance dropped from 144fps to 60-80fps.

You know, there is a job called "Datamining". They specialize in filtering useful information out of a huge pool. This is exactly what this thread is about more or less. You can't blame the playerbase. Blaming the players is just stupid, when the Company clearly doesn't do everything to improve the quality.

let's be realistic, China's hand is so long

I remember Chris saying in a Baeclast, that they are mostly independant in their choices. That's why we can't buy Pets picking up currency or a Flaskmakro.
Being realistic includes using all possibilities available and not putting up some speculations.

Right now, their biggest excuse is PoE2. What if PoE2 will have the same issues as Heist?

I've only suffered a Heist crash ONCE, and it was my fault (I knew about alternative escape routes but I wasn't 100% sure, so I tested). Most other bugs, I agree they have to be solved and GGG is taking too long to fix them, but whoever says it's unacceptable, or that they killed the league, is absolutely wrong or just plain idiot. Someone has to say this: GGG didn't kill the league, babycryers did, claiming it was an unplayable mechanic when in fact it was playable since day 1, all you had to do is to use a little common sense

Just because you only crashed ONCE, doesn't mean the rest of us are having the same experience. I stopped doing heists because I crashed alot and after their tweaks I got way less xp and not really good loot out of heists. Before they fixed grand heists I lost alot of loot because I couldn't return to the harbour and come back to the heist.

People tend to overreact but you do the opposite, maybe some are mad because it's NOT their fault if they can't run multiple heists without problems.

I hope heists will become better with the next patches because I like this league idear.

Please GGG keep up the work and please consider a 4 month cycle.

Another Reddit-Grinder?

Or seriously someone taking care of this forum?

As long as you only listen to Reddit bias it will get worse, as its not hard to find out that a system like reddit where a voting system exists will not lead to primarily healthy decisions on your side ...

ok, nuff said
please, bring back the game to its players ... please
people still use facebook? D:
Now I see you're just the kind of people who blindly believe everything that is said. It's OBVIOUS that GGG will never recognize that Tencent has requirements over them, firstly because they want to dissipate possible concerns, not create them; and secondly because noone with a little common sense bites the hand that feeds them. Just believing that Tencent has put a lot of millions on the table and demanda nothing in return is stupid. Of course they have requirements, of course they have "to-do lists" and red lines to not cross.

Also because of not bitting the hand that feeds you, they will never recognize that the community has "strongly suggested" a lot of changes that they didn't want to do, they'll never recognize that they've felt forced to toss their own job to the trash can. They already know Heist has lost its essence, and they know that happened because of social pressure. Because people veré is plain stupid and only says "remove, remove, remove", they're just leches with zero empathy and zero respect for others' work and effort.

Of course they can't say all of that, but they know. Do you want a post about Whats went wrong anda what are we doing to fix it? It'd be like "what went wrong? We screwed all the work we did because of listening to stupid cries, and we also screwed all the work we still had to do because we spent our time and resources on giving in to their demands instead of focusing on fixes. What are we doing to fix it? Wait what? Is anyone out there? Shout louder I can't hear you!". OF COURSE they're not going to adress the community's toxicity as a problem.

And just for you to know, PoE2 isn't an excuse, they've never used it as an excuse and never will. They've made a lot of mistakes, and I could even say they've lost the love they used yo put in certain aspects of their job (new MTX are poor in both design and execution), but they're still honest enough to not adress false motives for what happened justo because they can't tell us the true ones.

When a lot of retarded say "GGG's fault, GGG's fault", with a little or no comprehension or understanding, everything's ok. But when someone changes the direction and point the same ones that point GGG... well then things change, right? Everything's always others' fault and one's own aberrant behavior is just ok. So if someone took a sip of his own medicine and didn't like the flavor... trust me, I'm not gonna apologize, I can live with it.
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