Grinding Gear Games is Hiring a Social Media Rep

are they making you hire your own replacement?
Ignore the haters.
SenchuTen wrote:

PR is good when they do communicate.

Do you know what else is "good"? When you don't have to wait 3 weeks for league content, playing as on standard.

Quelex wrote:
Ignore the haters.

That's right, just ignore the uncomfortable opinion.;) All is nice, league is top, just haters whine for nothing. :)
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rflynn74 wrote:
Did BEX get a promotion?

Considering everything turned into a bit of a shitshow of community discord while Bex was on leave during the second week of the patch, I'm guessing they noticed they may need to expand that team so that they can keep the communication up and going.

Being able to do more with more people is probably not a bad thing either.
I am sorry about the person who gets this job, and congratulations to one who doesn't need to do the above anymore.
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Forum moderation is pathetic.
They are seeking for someone to take the heat for them..
Please buff Summon Spectral Wolf
I'm still waiting for my banned account to be resolved, they never answered >_<

Hope this is for help, and not a replacement. Been too long with Bex for us to go it with someone new!
Clearly Bex doesnt want to deal with the twitter and reddit bullshit.

My god, who would?

My sympathy to whatever poor aussie that gets this job.

*there is a possibility too that Bex wants to leave and focus on her family, to which I would extend best wishes and kudos.
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