Grinding Gear Games is Hiring a Social Media Rep

Yeah, get Bex some helping hands, every time there's bad news to announce people are jumping at her even though she does not design the game so...

Also generally get a few more working hands cuz it seems leagues are running behind on schedule and we wanna see POE2 before 2030.
"Gather community feedback and report findings" is kinda of important one. Hope its not too little too late to save endless beta-testing leagues that poe has become.

Endless beta is what poe has become sadly
You really need to be a politician to be successful at this job....
The real question is: Will GGG listen to this employe or will he/she be just a tiny voice within the Team?
Oh damn, I wish I lived in NZ, I've just finished my digital humanities studies and this would be something I always wanted to try.

I am W James Chan, author of Blackcloak: A Man of His Sword, the novel from which the PoE unique Oni-Goroshi is derived. So if you liked that, give the book a go on Amazon. I think it's pretty good -- but like Her, it isn't to be come at lightly, and it definitely isn't what it first seems to be.
kleinerzwerg wrote:
The real question is: Will GGG listen to this employe or will he/she be just a tiny voice within the Team?

I hope that something will change. But I dont think anything will
Heist is not a train wreck. It has its bugs, of course, but many of them have a rather low priority since there are known and easy workarounds. People is just plain stupid and prefer to cry and spread their hate here on the forum than using their brains for a second. Let me show you with an example:

1.Demolition tasks dancing when you stand too close to the door. Known workaround: don't stand too close to the door.

2.Getting stuck by certain doors when you stand too close to them while they're opening. Known workaround: don't stand too close to the door.

3.Being one-shotted when certain doors open if there's a lot of enemies behind it. Known workaround: don't stand too close to the door.

You can step back a little, and you will avoid all these issues, because let's be honest: between all possible tasks to open a door, only ONE has that dancing; between all door models only ONE can potentially get you stuck; and between all Heist base locations, only ONE, or at worst two, have the potential to oneshot you in doors. So if you step back from the door while it's being opened, how much time do you actually spend? 0.2 or 0.3 sec per door in 1 of each 7 doors? Woooow how annoying, how prioritary it seems!

People here just cry because they like it. GGG removed the alert raising on killing mobs because people wanted to just zoom-zoom heists... ok, they gave in so let's find another thing to cry around. For example... detection totems. "Ooh shitty rework, better just comoletely remove them!". Babe, you're just flashing around, if you're going as fast as you wanted to go, these tótem pulses are never gonna hit you, so... What's your problem with them? How can they be annoying for you if you can barely see them?

And I could continúe over and over, like people knowing that using alternative escape routes in grand heists has a big chance of crashing your game or teleporting you out of the Heist. But know what? Who cares? Let's use the f*cking alternative escape route anyway.

I've only suffered a Heist crash ONCE, and it was my fault (I knew about alternative escape routes but I wasn't 100% sure, so I tested). Most other bugs, I agree they have to be solved and GGG is taking too long to fix them, but whoever says it's unacceptable, or that they killed the league, is absolutely wrong or just plain idiot. Someone has to say this: GGG didn't kill the league, babycryers did, claiming it was an unplayable mechanic when in fact it was playable since day 1, all you had to do is to use a little common sense.

The way of thinking here is "I don't like it even if it doesn't affect to me, so remove it. I don't care how much time and effort have you spent to design and develop it, I don't care if other players are enjoying it, I don't care if its my fault that I can't play it the way I want, it just doesn't fit MY playstyle because I don't wanna play your game the way you intended it to be played, so screw yourself, screw all your work and effort, screw all that people that enjoys playing your game the way you intended it to be played, and just remove the damn thing out of the game". I don't like to bring bad news, but GGG is a videogame business and all they can fix are the bugs in their game. To fix your own stupidity you don't need GGG, you need a miracle.

I seriously doubt GGG needs to cover that job. 95% of comments and "feedback" both here and on reddit doesn't even deserve to be listened, after all. At this point, I start to think GGG would do a better job without listening the community at all.
Feel free to ckeck some skill suggestions:
We are looking for someone to fulfil the following role:
Gather community feedback and report findings.


Our ideal candidate has the following attributes:
Proficiency in social platforms like YouTube, Reddit, Steam, Twitter, Facebook.

Just wondering... will your ideal content only work on Reddit, or will he/she check your own forums, too? I would like my feedback to be heard, but lately it doensn't seem to gain much attention.

So, good that you hire someone for that, but it would be great if that person could also be active on your own forums.
Un-gate content.
Yes. You are right. Random crashes and unplayable state of heist os totally my fault. I will tell my instance not to crash anymore.

I also cant understand why people get oneshotted by one enemy. I mean, you are giht. Only one kills them. Kets ignore the fact that 20 other enemies fire their aoe ability simultaneously. I mean... you can always dash through and into the arms of a time gated 🚪 that you need to open first but which wont olen if the npc gets attacked constantly.

Thats totaly their fault and not a bad desigm concept...

Thank you for the valuable input (I get the feeling the time you spent typing that should have been spent else where).

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