The Temple Portal Effect

The art is ok, but lacks visually excitement and the design is a terrible choice imho.
trashhhhhhhhh af. Also releasing mtx on the daily with the league in such a shitty state

Does it come with a sniff sound effect?
I see no one has any education in yoga or pretty much any spiritual practice, including that one clown calling it a hail satan sign lmao. It just looks like a modified mudra of a sort.

I agree that it doesn't say portal to me though. I don't understand what we enter, exactly, other than like... inner peace.
I loved the Darkseer pack, so I'm glad to see the symbology return. I guess I'd better go take a closer look at the other Temple MTX, because I don't recall seeing so nearly an overt connection on those.
We "2 in the pink, 1 in the
temple" now, bois !
Clearly a sweet reference, I'm glad GGG is moving in this direction, will support for more.
Palagachev wrote:
Two in the pink and one in the stink
Two in the heist one in the grand heist

Meh, same thing
LUL Stank Pug Chump Puggers ................... Soooo WEAK, soooo very weak LUL
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what the ...
It has nothing to do with a Portal. Does someone think this through?

I mean, yeah, funny. 2 in the ... and so on. I get the Joke. And if it was only that I would'nt care. Its just a useless feeling MTX.

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