The Temple Portal Effect

Not very temple like.
OMG Real?
It doesn't look like a portal at all.
It looks more like a figurine to put in a women's garden

Rip this Mtx
we no like Temple mtxs. Need stop. Sry
Ryphe wrote:
LETS GO!!!!!

Well... not "through" that Portal...
Steel Panther approve of this portal :D

Two in the pink and one in the stink, GIVE HER THE SHOCKER <3
Super cool portal, imagine if this fingers was moving this would be epic. I love portals effects in this game it sucks there was no portal in heist packs.
Hail satan portal? Looks really bad, to be honest.It doesn't look like temple part or even portal.
WTF is that.
Fisting is 15$

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