Concept Art of the Rogues

ITs all veary pretty BUT PLS FIX THE LEAGE. Herro were frops? were something? why i cant have more than 2c from contrakt? herro pls GGG FIX IT
My overall impression of Heist remains really positive. I enjoy the rhythm of the content - it's different to maps and that is fine! I like the risk of coming out with nothing balancing against generous rewards. I enjoy the different pacing, for all that reddit may cry. My "relatively casual" wishlist is:
* For the time to "unlock" to be more consistent across the different skills,
* to be able to actually stash during grand heists,
* perhaps a little indicator of what rewards are in a particular heist once you're in it, so you don't have to do the scan of the minimap before deciding whether to start opening "normal" chests or to save alert for side rooms.
* OMG fewer instance/client crashes

Niles gives me old slavic culture vibes somehow. I wish Templar looked like that.
SSF only
Excellent character design. Would not be at all out of place in a real RPG, and probably appreciated a lot more.
I am W James Chan, author of Blackcloak: A Man of His Sword, the novel from which the PoE unique Oni-Goroshi is derived. So if you liked that, give the book a go on Amazon. I think it's pretty good -- but like Her, it isn't to be come at lightly, and it definitely isn't what it first seems to be.
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You have some great artists working for you. I'm really impressed with the design of Heist.
Tullina Kreygasm
As usual the character design is superb, with a very distinctive personality between each of them. The voice acting is also fantastic and it's intensely immersive. Well done.
Very impressive art. Tulina is very attractive too
Whoever made Tullina needs a big fat raise. I love you person! other ones are also neat but Tullina is my fave :D <3
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