Concept Art of the Rogues

The league is in such a state right now, that I doubt anyone in their right mind gives a flying duck.
Great designs as always.
I hope the remaining boss fights would be released soon.
I_NO wrote:
Truly hope you guys know what to fix because at this point I'm genuinely pretty ''uneasy''

A fix to grand heist's portals needs to be a start. Can't believe they've left it this long.

Edit: Just put a player chest in the grand heist starting room, as a bandaid.
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The dialogue has been very cleverly written :)
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Hi, can I ask for a mute button for all the crap they say whilst I have to wait for them to do their damn jobs? Both voice and the output to chat btw, I don't need to see or hear either.

They look cute I'm sure, they don't need to babble nearly every second and never shut up... Its bad enough I have to bring their terrible AI along with me on these jobs, having my chat filled with their unnecessary chatter isn't necessary.
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Who cares about their dialogues when they dance back and forth instead of opening the door,or when we have to click twice to do their thing?
You don't seem in touch with the problems and the silly mechanics you introduced and that's the most worrying thing.
We'd also like to take a moment to mention that we're going through all the Heist feedback now and are keen to address the issues in a news post later this week (potentially tomorrow). In the meantime the devs are continuing working on improvements and fixes to the Heist and will be releasing them as soon as possible
No need too, HIEST is just god damm awful there is no amount of fixing it. Don't waste any more time on it.

Just leave it as is and get to work on implementing /HARVEST or an equivalent deterministic crafting, its the only thing thats going to save poe.
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I_NO wrote:
Truly hope you guys know what to fix because at this point I'm genuinely pretty ''uneasy''

Day 1 was buggy but fun. The alert nerf broke it badly.
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Glad to hear you're still open to feedback. Only thing that is bothering me is all the "quest" heists. What happens to the two that were on a character I deleted? Will a new character get them as drops? Does it matter? What are these quests for? Just story?
Zodiac404 wrote:
Pls put Tullina as a buyable pet <3 haha lol

I'd buy that. ha ha.
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