Concept Art of the Rogues

60x7 wrote:
Weird to see all these people having problems. I've had very few issues...makes me wonder if its a shitty PC problem.

Yes,i believe so.
If the game works good for you,then your shitty PC is not working properly.
Jesus, this concept art is really good. The 3d models are as good though which is pretty great too! Gaemplay aside, you guys made an excellent job with this league in terms of character and overall graphic design and fidelity, well done GGG!
MogwaiOfEvil wrote:
Hi, can I ask for a mute button for all the crap they say whilst I have to wait for them to do their damn jobs? Both voice and the output to chat btw, I don't need to see or hear either.

They look cute I'm sure, they don't need to babble nearly every second and never shut up... Its bad enough I have to bring their terrible AI along with me on these jobs, having my chat filled with their unnecessary chatter isn't necessary.

I kinda like the chatter but it is a bit too often. It just needs to be put on a bigger cooldown.
IGN = Tetti
you guys sure did make one heck of a waifu with Tullina
“What kind of f*cking neighborhood is this!?”
“People are under a lot of stress, Bradley.”
Well, it looks like we can now use Tibbs as a measurement unit in poe.
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So besides having dat midriff, Tully (or is it Lin? Tee?) also has an ass to die for. Damnit! Why ma waifus always gotta be virtual? :/
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
The worst thing is when in the middle of Heist the game crashes.

I do not remember any crash before, but with Heists it crashes a lot. Unfortunately.

And of course I cannot reconnect to the Heist, losing all loot, the heist blueprint and the markers.
For my taste your art is drifting too much into asian MMO territory, please be careful to don't change the art style too much!
they looks damn human to me!
Maybe Instead of creating 13 new NPC you made 6 and use the extra man power to make for ones a god dam league that is playable. Fix the game and stop de BS. GGG please dont make me send you into the void. FIX THE GAME

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