PlayStation 4 and the Common Client Crash


It crashes 100% (6 out of 6) heists after the introduction-heist (wich crashed 1 out of 2).
Also the lab crashes half the time. (i think it was slightly more offen in harvest als slightly less in standard leage during harvest).

And that hurts, because it is such a great game and i also liked the concept of beeing a free game and still no pay to win.
I played the closed beta back in the time and some time, but PC-Gaming is not for me anymore since I work at one...

I was thrilled that PoE hit consoles thoug and played there since then, also bought some stuff (more than most other games on my account).
But now I am really frustrated, had the upcoming WE planned for gaming since my wife maked a daytrip with family... ;-)

I know the guys at GGG are doing their best, and I don't want to attack someone, but it's a bummer. (and since the problem is older than the last updates a foreseeable one...)
presently frustrated PS4-player
Heist crashes way to often, at least to do the contracts, even with a ps4 pro and an ssd - the issue itself seems related to the mobs itself - i've encountered more crashes with my (spectre) necromancer in previous leagues if certain monsters are my spectres
Appreciate you guys trying to fix this. Its awesome youre actually updating us about this but I feel my time with PoE has come to an end. I was really excited for my first league start with friends and I feel its already too late. After the 12 hour release debacle and than finally logging in today I was disconnected repeatedly. Not every 20 minutes like harvest but literally every 3-5 minutes. Im far too competitive and too far behind now to compete like I wanted.

The definition of insanity comes to mind even trying to play and not be angry so ive decided that until said problem is fixed I will have to go back to Diablo. It might not be as good a game but it runs perfectly. Best of luck tracking down the problem.
I have to say, releasing a new league on PS4 when you knew this was still a problem was a terrible decision. I see a ton of people posting after giving up in Harvest saying they are now also giving up on this league. Don't you realize how much damage you are doing to your player base releasing a new league while this problem persists? If you need to stop releasing leagues for a while to get the PS4 version of the game working, do it! People will only come back to a broken game so many times before they give up. I'd say you've reached that limit for most people releasing two leagues in a row in the same broken state.

I really do love this game despite the frustratingly frequent crashes, but I doubt most people will cut you as much slack.
Quit harvest after 3 blackscreen console locks in one day, only played 4 hours of this league after 3 blue and another 2 blackscreens. Now I'm no genius/dev/programmer, but surely given that the same issues are happening again maybe looking at whatever things were added to the code in harvest might be a starting point. I only mention this as I had no issues whatsoever in delirium (multiple characters/builds to lv 90+/t10+ maps)
I'm playing Standard on PS4 like always. It does crash pretty often, but what is even worse is that the frames are all over the place. It is like someone is throwing a die marked Pause, Skip, Fast Forward, and Rewind randomly the entire time I'm on.

This stopped as it got later in the night, but it is back again now and makes the game unplayable.

I had been testing Crackling Lance and found it to be pretty alright. I WANT to use the new Glacial Cascade and get the new illusionist mtx, but bosses kinda refuse to be anywhere near the final burst except accidentally so most of the damage is wasted.

I decided to just use Storm Burst as it wrecks everything, and wonder if their will be any mtx for it. Even just doing the old blue version would be cool and obviously take practically no effort to make happen.

But right now I'm not gonna bother playing at all as only 1/5th of my time in game is spent under my control and not staring at a blue screen or watching my actions made 15 seconds ago play out afterwards for good or ill.
You can now get back into your heist if you disconnect, or at least I have anyway, but regardless as many as stated already, we’ve been dealing with this problem for a long time. I prefer the PS4 over PC, and it only took this type of league for you guys to finally address the problem. I’ve put a lot of money into this game because I love the game since open beta, but to see it getting neglected like this is sad. I truly hope you guys can fix this, it’s the least you can do for PS4 players that have been dealing with this issue since launch.
Can't believe the absolute lack of attention paid to PS4 consumers by GGG tbh.

Imagine treating consumers this way F2P business model or not.

One guy.
One guy working on bugs that render an entire port near unplayable.

What a scumbag management.
@Jeff_GGG - Thank you for giving us the feedback you have. It's worth something, especially for many who view but don't respond in the forums.

There wouldn't be so much anger if players didn't love the game. All of us here have found something special in this, and when it was good, many of us were too busy playing than providing feedback here. That said...

Of all the issues in the past, the player base has at least had a chance for workarounds. Don't play builds that suffer from desync. If the market philosophy isn't for you, play a build that doesn't require trade (or isn't "this season's hot item" bs). This time tho, there isn't a workaround.

It's really that simple. There is no game right now, there is no way to enjoy it on a console. The main feature of the season, heists, are outright. And with each crash as we try our best to get through a heist, moves us all closer to just quitting. While all the other issues do indeed affect the ability of the PoE base to grow on console, the issues of the past two seasons outright kill it.

Sure, maybe it's a Sony issue. Maybe there's just no compatibility in the build for multiple platforms. Honestly it doesn't matter rn. The right thing is to try and offer data transfer from the PSN network to desktop. Support packs, characters, etc. We need a workaround for this one, or's kinda done.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

Edit: Maybe I'm not alone here, and I was assuming this was just on Playstation, but seeing a lot of chatter on the PC side about this too. Shoot...if I got a data transfer and saw the same issue on PC, that might break my heart all the way for PoE. Is it the whole game??
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So I found a workaround for the crashes, but it’s gonna be expensive. So I have an older PlayStation 4 and a newer PlayStation 4 slim pro. My older PlayStation would always crash, from content new and old, and thus, would crash whenever I started a heist, and in a given day I would crash around 4 to 6 times. My newer PS4, has yet to crash, and I’ve done multiple heist one after another without a single crash. I would believe that a vast majority of the player base uses an older type of PS4 and thus has older hardware within it, and I’m wondering if the software GGG has implemented, conflicts with the older PS4 models. I’ll keep you posted if I do crash on the newer PS4, but I can only hope that this insight can help diagnose and pinpoint the problem with the older PS4.

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