PlayStation 4 and the Common Client Crash

oldwolfsoul wrote:

P.s.Why are you so picky on people who are kindish against ggg. We all came to play poe with good intentions, developers created this havoc. We all were optimistic like you for a year or so, but its kinda enough. We have to be vocal about it.

If you look carefully, you'll see that I *agree* with, and support, the people who have honest complaints.

I go after the people who are lying, exaggerating, being willfully ignorant, etc.

The statement was "they'd shout it from the mountaintops". How much more "from the mountaintops" can we expect than literally on the login page of the game itself?

It's a disingenuous complaint.

Like all the people who kept saying "GGG is being silent". Making measured, limited statements is NOT silence.

If people want more communication, they should ask for it (and many people did!), but they should NOT ask for it by making false accusations.
Also, this is a free game that we were given to try. They owe none of us anything.

Once we started buying things we tell ourselves they do, but in reality they could stop making new content whenever they choose to. No more fixes, no more content, even the servers could stop running.

The dev community here has also been one of the best I've seen in all of my gaming. They do their best to let us know what is going on. New content for free 4 times a year. Respond to posts with solutions when they have them. (I've gotten replies in less than 30 minutes.) I've seen suggestions implemented even though they didn't respond to the post, lets me know they saw it but didn't want to make any promises of it's addition. Would a 'saw this we'll mention it' have been nice, sure, but to see the idea pop up in patch notes is even better.

Are there things I critique, absolutely, but the efforts of the staff isn't one of them. The game isn't how they wish it would be, they admitted that and have been working on it. Somethings just take longer than you would want them to. But you cant rush everything, normally just ends up making things worse.

Yeah the league released late, but they didn't say 'oh well our shift is over, this is a problem for tomorrow!' Like I did, when I left work late that day racing home dodging cars like a mad man. Got home to see it wasn't out, even went to bed for a nap, while these hard workers kept going to deliver us the expansion as soon as possible. To spit in the face of that effort is disrespectful.
Anyone still playing this trash on playstation is out of their minds. You have fun with that lol.

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