3.12.1 Hotfix 3

The best change so far. Thank you.
Thanks god
lets see how it goes from now on.
Thank god!

One of the best changes to the league!

I abandoned heist entirely because I play a minion build and I didnt even could reach the end because my minions had to kill everything.

Now I can finally enjoy the league!

GGG great job!
the alert meter part is mäh in my opinion they should increase it somewhere... bec now i dont need to look anymore on the alert meter and can grab all loot without problems or to aktivate the lockdown
Now this feels just like any other map. Kill everything and then loot. Hope this is temporary until a real "fix" is available. The heist should allow some sort of "stealth" until found, but instead of everything being locked down, they should be unlocked and allow us to continue or retreat as we feel fit. Taking out the spawning hordes of guards to try and complete a mission that goes terribly wrong would be fun. Also, "stealthing" to the end and back out should give big rewards. That would make this league really good. Just have to figure out the stealth part for different types of classes. Maybe remove all the guards from the doors and just provide roaming patrols.
Killing mobs and alert level sucked so this is a nice change.

However it is very easy now.

There needs to be an incentive to avoid patrols or why have them exist at all?

Either really beef them up while in patrol mode or have them give alert if killed or left alive too long.

Issue with alert on killing mobs was that most were unavoidable.

Guards, neuroscientists, gang members etc were completely unavoidable as they hugged doors and pathways.

Good change would be to make patrols threatening but regular idle guards not raise alert (or raise alert if left alive for too long).
One cannot help but wonder how such a lust for loot can affect a persons mind. Although these exiles appear to be our salvation, it would not take much for them to turn on us as easily as they fight gods and demons.
Instead of eliminate alart level completely from killing mob, why not just make difficulty increase as time pass after alert go off, but not lock all small chest.
So player who want more reward have to risk being swamp by (harder) mob to get to remaining chest.

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