3.12.1 Hotfix 3

It seems that monster generate no alert level at all, alive or dead. Perhaps it's too easy?
Jhonegao wrote:
OrKToS wrote:
Reptyl wrote:

No this wasn't fun at all. Many heists you had to almost entirely skip looting chests because of all the alert you accumulate from mobs you are forced to kill.

exactly, you had to choose which chests you go for. what the point if you can loot everything? that's not how heists works.

I do agree that Alert on kill was bad, but there was plenty ways to combat it, Rogue passives, items, mods on contract themself. it would be an issue if they just increased drop rate of Rogue items, it was very bad, but now with increased drop rate and completely removed alert on kill, heists will be trivial and become boring very quickly, because there almost no challenge left, only escape part is fun now.

agreed 100%

Would agree if there were any mechanics to allow you to sneak around. But - there is just pewpew poe ultra speed mode. You should be able to go slow - you should be able to see aggro range of the mobs to move around. You should be able to completly avoid to be seen by any mob if you invest in your sneaking skills ... even no auto aggro after opening doors.

Also - if you have to skip chests because of the alter level, I would like to know which loot I skip on every chest.

They should bring back alert level by killing mobs, lock all chest and unlock them while the alert is up. So no decissions to be made and while opening chest those constantly spawning op mobs gonna annoy you to death.


Bring back alert level is a terrible idea. Don't! Unless GGG implements mechanics to really sneak around.
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Scrap the Markers idea and make the heists shorter - its not feeling good!
Hello !

We need the alert system back, from a way or another, because now basicly heist is just full retarded:
- stack all the reduction of alert when open chests
- clear the map
- then select the chests you prefer
- go back easily even during alarm mode beacause you killed all the guards and patrols before... so not really a lot of people to stop you (specially in maps with the robots)

Option 1 could be an alert increase when they actually See you.
But it would favor the ranged builds to snip guards, and rekt all melee builds.

Option 2, increase alerte lv when opening a chest, but it doesnt seems fun at all.

Option 3, get back the alert / kill, but less than before maybe for people who are bad at playing Metal Gear Solid.

I dont know if people can find more / better options but, i'm kinda sad right now, it had the potentiel to be my favorite league (was Delve before), cause it was really fun and different, but now it's just full retard mode and kill everything without even thinking.

PS : if you could change the position of the stashs in Rogue harbour \o/
a 50% reduction on alert level would have been enough to farm smoothly. but remove all alert on kill make the mechanic pretty boring and many items and affix crap now. even a bit more reducction if a minion kill the guard for minions builds not be on full disadvantage
Feels bad, man.

Here's to hoping the alert rework ties alert to mobs again in a meaningful (less silly) way, like a minor alert penalty on aggro and a smaller alert reduction on kill, because right now it feels completely robbed of its identity and all the exciting tension it had.
KurauPM wrote:

We need the alert system back, from a way or another, because now basicly heist is just full retarded:
- stack all the reduction of alert when open chests

Those mods really need to be nerfed now. It's possible to completely nullify the Alert mechanic entirely with gear. They ought to have at least ensured it was no longer possible to do that, so Alert at least still functioned as a loot limit.

Anyway, I've a poll going on this question of the Alert change here - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2943168
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
This is what you get for always kowtowing to reddit complainers. I really wish you guys would think this through more. League is extremely fun, but now it's way too easy.

A proper solution should have been to simply start the alert level at half, have the alert level go up slowly over time, have it go up quicker when you open chests and doors, and have the alert level go down when you killed enemies.

You should ensure there are enough enemies so that a player can get everything, but would have to keep things clear for the most part.

Given how OP the gear is for the followings, boosting that 300% is pretty ridiculous.

I mean, I'm enjoying the league, there's just zero challenge now.
I just want to say thank-you for this change. While the rest of heist needs rebalancing, as it will be, this was the simplest and best solution to a myriad of issues with heist. This was a great solution to a lot of complex problems otherwise and thank-you for continuing to adjust as you go GGG.
??? really???

not thinking anymore?? not to choose what is the best choice??

again to kill everyone in our path??

just for a little people in reddit who don't want to think??

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