The Twilight Mystery Box

This box is beautifulllll GG wallet :(
Looks like all their effort went into these boxes. Rip supporter core & league packs.
No Nightfall shield skin, major fail :(
Totals above and opinion below

Total mystery boxes opened: 51
Total points spent: 1,530
Total point value of items: 6,010
Total point value of duplicates: 840

What I consider a duplicate:
-More than one item that cannot be blended
-More than 2 items that can be blended
-More than 2 weapon skins of the same type
-More than one of the same skill effect or aura

Items received: (listed in value order high to low)

(1) Sunrise Wings
(1) Nightfall Wings
(1) Sunrise cloak (1 duplicate)
(3) Nightfall cloak
(1) Nightfall character effect
(1) Sunrise Shield
(3) Sunrise weapon effect (1 duplicate)
(2) Sunrise Portal
(1) Nightfall Portal
(1) Sunrise wolf pet
(1) Nightfall dragon pet
(1) Nightfall helmet
(2) Sunrise boots
(1) Nightfall boots
(2) Sunrise gloves
(1) Nightfall gloves
(3) Sunrise Aura effect (2 duplicate)
(1) Nightfall Aura effect
(1) Sunrise Blood and Sand effect
(1) Nightfall Flame dash effect
(3) Sunrise helm attachment (1 duplicate)
(2) Nightfall helm attachment
(3) Sunrise footprints (1 duplicate)
(1) Nightfall footprints
(3) Sunrise building effect
(1) Nightfall building effect
(4) Sunrise objects
(1) Sunrise environmental effect
(1) Sunrise Orrery pet
(3) Nightfall Cloud pet

First thing I did was combine the two wings - amazing.
I combined two of the foot prints - awesome.
I combined a pair of boots and gloves.

I didn't receive any body armor, but you can't really see body armor that well with the wings, weapon and shield effect and auras.

I didn't combine the portals because they both look so great and I want to use the nightfall portal - I do want to make a twilight portal but might wait to purchase directly.

My results were great and I feel like 35-50 boxes is the sweet spot. If I were to go fishing for body armor or pieces I'm missing I would get a lot of duplicates.

These visuals are fantastic!
Everytime I fall in love with a box I think "They will never top this".

Then you make an even greater one. You did it again.
Cool MTX but just saw a clip of Twitch Streamer Spending $1k to just get the rare chest. Scary where this is headed.
Yyyeahh.... no.

The nightfall stuff looks pretty cool, but that golden stuff is just... bleh.

Waste of coins just to get 75% bleh.
Patch Notes 3.15:
Fixed a bug where players believed the game was playable. This has been corrected and made retroactive.
Patch Notes 3.19:
Fixed a bug where players adapted to 3.15. This bug cannot be corrected, so we have implemented a 90% reduction in item access as a punishment.
Ehh...couldnt get the Sunrise body to combine it, but i got everything else from Sunrise parts even more than once, damn. Gotta wait until i can buy Sunrise body from shop cuz i broke the budget again.
I hope next league ggg will deliver worse mystery boxes so i can buy to finish my Spectre and Twilight sets and 1 cool char effect cuz i get only the most ugly ones that are hard to see on armours outside the specific set. xD
Nightfall portal is sick af, Orion is tiers behind it, just like everything about Twilight set vs Orion set. And those combined footprints are out of this world. xD
Slow down for a minute to enjoy the beauty around us.
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Many of your players are protesting buying anything more from you guys this league.
We feel you have intentionally halved the rewards from each new Supporter pack the last few leagues.
With this upcomming one; it is an outright unfair scam.

I'm sorry to say that, but it is.
I don't know what you guys are trying to pull with the reduction of cosmetics we recieve from each supporter pack teir.
But it's not worth what you are trying to get us to pay.

Please stop this.
Give us our monies worth and stop trying to hide your dislikes on the Youtube videos regarding the Supporter Pack Sets.
We know what you're doing and it's not cool and very dishonest.
0/10 rare
0/10 uncommon

Bullshit percentages as usual
I get abused by GGG staff every time I post because I started the Fix Your Game meme. Pathetic and unprofessional.

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