Path of Exile: Heist Balance Manifesto

everything looks pretty reasonable to me
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Bruzur wrote:
Despite being relatively "new" to this game, these upcoming patch notes don't inspire much hope for a future that doesn't involve "nerfing" overall build synergy.

think of it this way....every league start they nerf what was really breaking the game and perhaps the economy every league start.

This is not exactly a terrible thing as other builds always rise and it somewhat forces you to play something new every league...

Think of GGG as bad parents and you are kinda on the right track.

Why nerf vitality mod watchers eye just to make vitality more accessible. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA my cwdt builds.
Minion builds on suicide watch... Custer jewels will hurt a lot.
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Same ol' same ol'

So once again, the real abusers of mechanics, the super wealthy that can spend 100Ex on a build will still get those top tier items and trivialise the game while the 99% just get smacked down hard once again.

The lack of critical analysis by GGG is breath taking.

WHY do you think players gravitate toward certain mechanics? I don't know, is it because dying in an instant and having no idea how it happened is not fun for a lot of people?

Obviously the data demonstrates that frustrated players will play longer and ultimately put more coins in the slot machine, but the trade off is vocal players like myself which will advise others that PoE has become a miserable gaming experience much of the time.
Hilranger wrote:

Think of GGG as bad parents and you are kinda on the right track.

So POE is an abusive relationship?
So from manifesto:
Offering Effect on the Necromancer’s Mistress of Sacrifice is lowered.
Glancing Blows got nerfed 50%->65%
Divine Flesh nerfed +10% max chaos to +5%
Enduring cry nerf
Redemption Sentries had its damage and life lowered.

And at the top of that only cluster jewels change:
"we're only lowering values on Precise Commander, Vicious Bite and Vengeful Commander"

I like how they nerfed cluster jewels at the top of all of this speccially for us. Even thought you need 1756 chaos to roll one of them on average and you need 3 :D

Really nice 6 hits just to make sure that my favourite build is dead.
no nerf on DoT builds?

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