New and Reworked Classic Spells & Steel Skills in Path of Exile: Heist

Wait, 8L shattering steel?
Btw firestorm is now playable, ty.
Slow down for a minute to enjoy the beauty around us.
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Firestorm and Glacial Cascade look POG AF. Them Steel Skills Steel look like hot garbage. These are my opinions. Thiccly!
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Thank you GGG for the Great Game
yis Firestorm & Discharge buff c:
Yay, another batch of skills that will oneshot 1/4 screen per use. Will be so interesting to play. I will have to pay so much attention to what's happening on screen. My interaction with different enemies will be so meaningful, so different.

(sarcasm, obviously)
Can't wait to see what Shattering Steel plays like!
canilaz_ wrote:
Wait, 8L shattering steel?
Btw firestorm is now playable, ty.

ya i noticed that too.

i dunno these things seem like they're just becoming too mechanic overlap convoluted crap.

however blazing salvo and lightning lance look decent. again can't wait for numbers.
insane gc buffs
bless ggg :pray:
new glacial cascade mtx plssss
(also earthshatter <3)
Will drop rate of fire storm scale with cast speed ?
Anarien wrote:
Ashriel wrote:
So is it Cracking Lance or Crackling Lance? The trailer and post disagree. Either way it's a combo of Galvanic Arrow and Arc, and doesn't need to exist. The typo is about as inspired as the skill.

Firestorm is now Meteor. In the same patch as D3's Black Hole, et. al. Huh. Complimentary 2000's level-up SFX included.

Steel skills shown to be completely behind the curve in every way - visuals, damage, creativity, big oof. Never ever touching these. Poor "melee"!

I have no idea why Pinpoint exists based on this post.

Seriously? You're complaining about better tuning across the board and cool new build choices? These designs are almost all badass. Feel free to continue playing arc or Galvanic Arrow, these new skills won't impede your ability to do so. Everyone loves to complain these days, and honestly the amount of work GGG does on this game doesn't warrant this baseless whining.

Sorry, you're right, seeing this amount of work done to bring this game up to the standard of other, 20-year-old games, is great.
No fun allowed.™
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