Heist Skill Reveal: Area-Control Spells


Ball Lightning is projectile for Flame Wall dmg buff and dot app or no?
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Looks Very Interesting could try it out :)
i do rather wish void sphere was something that will be viable as a primary skill. Summoning a black hole to eat all your enemies is a very appealing fantasy. But with the long cooldown and only being able to have one active at a time, it just doent seem that useful

from the video it seems to be able to clear mooks well enough but cooldown prevents its use for good clear. The crowd draw effect would be nice if things actually survived long enough for positioning to matter, but sinse it cant effect bosses its basically irrelevant. Basically looks like it may be a decent spell for curse on hit or something but overall it looks like a fantastic waste of a cool concept.

honestly seems like it would have been better as a damage focused channel skill or something

instead may have to focus interest on the flame wall
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They seem mechanically interesting. But wonder how well they will fit into zoom zoom meta at the top end of POE's builds.
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wonder if you can combo fire wall with soulrend/essence drain to get double dots on people
Good options for players who stand still often enough to make use of them.

Ahh, some delightful new CWDT or CWS support setups with these skills...

Or some truly insane autobombers.

Jerle wrote:
They seem mechanically interesting. But wonder how well they will fit into zoom zoom meta at the top end of POE's builds.

I've used CWDT frost wall for years even on zoom zoom builds. Movement powers can pass right through your own wall, but opposing movement powers (and projectiles) cannot. Even at low level the wall will mitigate a *lot* of incoming damage.

Now, couple this with a flame wall and you've got a nice double tap to foes (unless *incoming* projectiles also pick up the added fire damage...) Especially those that become trapped in a maze of ice walls.
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Nobody going to mention the obvious similarities between the frost shield and Frost's snow globe ability in Warframe? Charging it up with extra health, dealing more damage shooting from the inside? :D

I don't think this is a problem btw, seems more like a nod towards a competitor.
I like it! It will be a sweet addition to aura/supports, thanks
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