Heist Skill Reveal: Area-Control Spells

flame wall looks nice
is flamewall compatable with spell projectiles? or just physical projectiles? or just arrows? I know that GGG mechanics descriptions aren't that clear and could be flat out wrong.
thank you
Always happy to see more variety and choices with skills!! Thanks GGG
So, the next league is all about sneaking inside museums, homes, forts, etc., and the big update for this league is...area spells?!? Really? Lol! The entire league is about sneaking into/out of small tightly controlled places with limited ingress/egress, etc., and the big boost for the league are spells and effects designed to have the greatest impact over wide open areas?!

Good job! You guys really thought that through!

That makes almost as much sense as having exiles go out to kill gods and hop around different worlds (maps) and then become burglars to break into homes to steal someone else's swag. Why would someone capable of killing a god and travel to different worlds/dimensions want to lower themselves to become a burglar? That makes as much sense as creating new skills designed for wide open areas and then putting them in a league where everyone is in tight, confined spaces.
Does Flame Wall work with Ancestral Bond? I was thinking of chilling out this League with a Blazing Salvo totem build and if the Flame wall projectile buff counted as damage you deal yourself that would dampen the build a bit.
looks awesome,

about melee? something? or nerf?
Looks cool. Does the buff help totems? Would help divine ire totem single target damage...
void sphere sucks oh well

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