Heist Skill Reveal: Area-Control Spells

Some really cool looking abilities
The frosty effect on the Energy Shield while inside the Frost Shield adds some style as well as increased base critical strike chance
Frost Shield & Sigil of Power是被用来设计占格子的吗?
Awesome skills! Cannot wait for my friends to use these while I'm 5 screens ahead of them.
Already too many operations...

Sigil of Power + Orb of Storms + Arc + Arcane Cloak + potion (+ Arcane Surge - Flame Dash)
Two-handed - Mop
Dual Wield - Slippers
One-handed & Shield (close combat) - Brush & Basin
One-handed & Shield (ranged) - Hair Dryer & Mirror
Main-hand & Off-hand (evil witch) - Sponge & Soap
umm, yes on so many levels!!
Why are we getting another support/support style active ability that just adds lightning damage?
No (Awakened) Spell Cascade version of Flame Wall on the video?
Well I basically want all of them, but my build has about two total sockets to spare :(
Cool stuff.

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