Heist Skill Reveal: Area-Control Spells

Diablo 3 was ahead of its time...
U need to nerf bosses or slow down the game completely to make these work...And i agree i don't like how fast the game is rn when everything u cast need a sec and that removes the ability to react.Some bosses like t8 sirus and minataur are absurd.And i hate that there are literally no space to stand with some bosses when every space is occupied by stupid circle of deaths.That`s why only big damage builds which can kill bosses in 4 5 seconds are playable.Because the longer the fight goes the more guaranteed u are going to die...
gageris wrote:
Just please don't make poe cooldown based game :)

There are a quite a few people that want skills with cooldowns to make the game less spammy

Solution is simple: Make a support gem that adds 3s or 4s of Cooldown and gives the skill a lot raw power/duration/etc.

People that dislike CDs wouldn't be affected.

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halloweendm wrote:
So, the next league is all about sneaking inside museums, homes, forts, etc., and the big update for this league is...area spells?!? Really? Lol! The entire league is about sneaking into/out of small tightly controlled places with limited ingress/egress, etc., and the big boost for the league are spells and effects designed to have the greatest impact over wide open areas?!

Good job! You guys really thought that through!

That makes almost as much sense as having exiles go out to kill gods and hop around different worlds (maps) and then become burglars to break into homes to steal someone else's swag. Why would someone capable of killing a god and travel to different worlds/dimensions want to lower themselves to become a burglar? That makes as much sense as creating new skills designed for wide open areas and then putting them in a league where everyone is in tight, confined spaces.

Every single GGG member should read this 3 times.
I think those new skills are interesting. Looking forward to testing them.
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I like the skills, but the writers kind of screwed themselves because it makes no sense for the exile to go rob people and sneak around since they canonically kill gods. Same deal with the lab and traps. It just doesn't really make any sense lord wise.

Seriously though, if the whole game turned out to be a dream would make more sense, since everything doesn't make any sense lore wise. I just believe that the game could have things be more organic and maybe, immersive.
Sigil of power, As you spend mana, the skill powers up in stages.

On the video it shows no numbers on which stage it is on the icon buff bar.

"Any projectiles fired through the wall will have fire damage added to the projectile."
Sounds like i'm buffing enemies as well.
A black hole? that might help with frame rates :3

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