3.11.2 Technical Patch

Since now we have MacOS version, there is, at least, a tiny chance to have PoE on Linux?
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good stuff!!
It should return 80% of an MTX's current cost as points that can then be spent as I wish... not tossing something in and getting one of a thousand random results...
Viktranka wrote:

Btw are you that SirGog from youtube? Thx for all the div cards and content you gave us!

yep that's me
Le Toucan Will Return
Why Now?
While we have been testing this patch thoroughly, there may be small issues that only come up when a million or so community members try to use it. We'd rather this doesn't occur on Heist's launch day, so we'll be releasing this technical patch beforehand so that we have time to fix any minor issues that crop up. It's also an opportunity for you to get the large download out of the way in advance.

Sensible, I can't wait.
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Aggnog wrote:
Will the new textures remove the inherent blur they have? I need to use a post-process sharpener to remove it. Example https://imgsli.com/NzEzMQ

You're way too much of a videophile. I see essentially no difference between those two pictures that has anything to do with "blurry" textures.
looks promising but we will see not really a fan of downloading 20gbs honestly.
Turning players into payers.

Imagine making excuses for a billion dollar company that will never recognize you as anything else but a future open wallet.

Chapter: XVIII.
What about the console version? Is this going to fix a lot of the issues we've been having?
Good thing I have 2 weeks to download at 800kb. Brutal country internet :(.
While it sounds great indeed, I have to say that I don't feel much was explained...
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