This September we're teaming up with community streamer Zizaran to host a boss-kill event where players can compete to kill The Awakener while playing in Heist HC SSF mode. Zizaran's event sponsor, Shopify, will be teaming up with him to supply $40,000 to the race's prize pool. On top of the cash prizes for players, there will also be microtransaction prizes provided by us. To top it all off, Shopify will be supplying $13,000 in microtransactions to community streamers to give away during the event! Find out more in this news post.

How to Participate

This event runs for the first month of Heist, starting on September 18 (PDT). Only characters playing in the Heist HC SSF League will be counted for the cash prize.

As normal, you can place Watchstones in Citadels in the Atlas. These level up your maps and make defeating The Awakener more difficult. Only kills with a fully-Watchstoned Atlas will be counted.

We are creating two custom ladders (order and number of kills of The Awakener) and will link them from this post once the Heist expansion is deployed and the ladders are available.

Cash Prizes

We will create a special ladder that records the order that players kill The Awakener with a fully-Watchstoned Atlas in the Heist HC SSF league. The cash prize pool provided by Shopify ($30,000) and Zizaran ($10,000) will be distributed as follows:

  • First Place: $11,000
  • Second Place: $6,000
  • Third Place: $3,000
  • Fourth-fifteenth Place: $750
  • First Atziri Kill: $750
  • First Uber Atziri Kill: $2500
  • First Shaper Kill: $1500
  • First Elder Kill: $750
  • First Uber Elder Kill: $2500
  • Deepest Delve: $3000 (calculated one month after the league starts)

Randomly-drawn Microtransaction Prizes

Any player who kills the Awakener on any of the following leagues (Heist, Heist HC, Heist SSF, Heist HC SSF) within the first month will be eligible to win the below prizes. It's possible to win more than one per account. The number listed below is the total number of each microtransaction up for grabs.

  • 500 x Angels and Demons Mystery Box
  • 20 x Demonic Parasite Armour Set
  • 20 x Automaton Armour Pack
  • 10 x Raven Demon Wings
  • 20 x Automaton Weapon Effect
  • 20 x Ravenous Hideout
  • 30 x Malachai Portal Effect
  • 50 x Blood Guard Pigeon Pet

Console Prizes

(UPDATED) The first eight players to kill The Awakener on Heist SSF on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (16 players total) will win console-specific codes.

The first eight players on Xbox One will win a 12 months Game Pass Ultimate Subscription valid from October 16th, 2020 to October 15th, 2021.

The first four players on PlayStation 4 will win a one year subscription for PlayStation Plus. The next four (ranks 5, 6, 7, 8) will win a one year subscription for PlayStation Now.

Note that any players who kill the Awakener on console in any Heist league will also go in the draw to win the randomly-drawn microtransactions.

Additional Rules

  • New rule added:: Players who migrate from a private league to HC SSF Heist during the event are ineligible for prizes.
  • Placings and prize eligibility are entirely at the discretion of Grinding Gear Games.
  • The winners of cash prizes must be able to receive a PayPal payment from Zizaran in order to be eligible to receive it.
  • Any form of account sharing (or other breaches of the Terms of Use) will disqualify a player from receiving prizes.
  • The cash prizes are only available to players playing on our PC realm, but players who manage to meet the criteria on Console realms will also be eligible for the microtransaction prizes and special Console-specific prizes.
  • Grinding Gear Games Employees are not eligible for prizes.
  • Only valid (maxed-Watchstone) Awakener-kills in the Heist HC SSF league are eligible for prizes. Dying or migrating your character out of the league doesn't remove prize eligibility as long as the kill occurred while in the league.

Big thanks to Zizaran, Viyro and Shopify for putting on this event!
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Grinding Gear Games
@Zizaran ingame
Lol youtube video on the official forum with an ad for RMT.
From League Starter to Shaper – Cheap, Tanky, Fast and Fun Physical ST – Very Detailed Guide

Gannicus, God of the Arena – Deathless Uber Elder for Everyone
ib4 the "why hc ssf GGG sucks!" posts. Thanks for hosing yet another tournament Ziz+helpers+sponsors!
Won't be competing in this myself but it looks like it will be a blast both for participants and watchers alike.
Le Toucan Will Return
Lost me at harcort

Did Shopify know this was only for <1% of the poe playerbase? Someone let them know maybe its not to late for them to change it.
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