Yesterday, we posted many answers to the community's most frequently asked questions about our upcoming expansion, Heist. There's even more to discuss, so we're posting another round of answers!

In case you missed it, shortly after Heist's announcement, our Co-Founder and Managing Director, Chris Wilson, was live with ZiggyD for a Q&A. Check it out below!

Do Markers, Contracts and Blueprints drop in other league areas such as Betrayal Safehouses and the Temple of Atzoatl?

Yes, they do.

Will Rogues have juicy banter and dialogue between each other like members of the Syndicate did?

Yes! Our narrative designers, Nick and Matt, have put a huge amount of work into the writing of Heist.

How do Thieves' Trinkets work in a party?

The effect of a Trinket is tied to the person so whoever opens the chest or makes the kill will have their Trinket in effect. It's not tied to whoever started the Heist.

Do you have any updates about the previously announced Stash Tab Folders and Tab Affinity system?

These are both approaching completion but are unlikely to be ready at the launch of Heist. We are hopeful that we can release them shortly after, however. We need to make sure these are thoroughly tested and very safe before we can release them.

Can I use a Delirium Orb on my Contracts and Blueprints?

You can't.

When can we find out more about the new skills and reworks?

Next week we'll share more in-depth reveals about the new skills and reworks. The day after the patch notes are posted, we'll also share our usual post which showcases new and changed gems at level 20 with 20% quality. We haven't locked down our plan about how many of the Alternate Quality Gems we'll reveal before launch but it's likely that we'll showcase them somehow. If we do, these will most likely be shared as part of a table because posting 900 gem links in the format of the other gem post is too crazy.

After you trigger the alarm in a Heist, is it possible to kill all the guards?

These guards are effectively infinitely spawning and your best bet is to get through them and get out as quickly as you can.

Do the guards provide experience or items on death?

Yes, but you can't farm the infinite guard spawns while the alarm is going because they stop providing experience and items once a certain number have been generated by that spawner.

Will Alternate Quality Gems have labels that indicate which attributes are different?

Yes, there's a line on the gem's tooltip that says "Alternate Quality" and you'll be able to view the Alternate Quality stats separately if you hold alt.

Will item filters be able to detect that they are a variation of the regular gem?

Alternate Quality Gems will be labelled as 'Extraordinary' rather than 'Superior' which appears on regular quality gems.

Can Heist enemies be raised as spectres?


Do Markers drop in stacks?


How common are Markers compared with other currencies?

Fairly common. You're currently able to store them in stacks of 10,000 in your inventory and 50,000 in your stash. We may tweak this before release.

Are the reward options from Curio Display Rooms (Grand Heist reward rooms) equally weighted?

You'll be as likely to get a room full of Trinkets as you would a room full of the other Heist rewards like Alternate Quality Gems, Experimented Base Types, Replica Unique Items and strong rares with Body Armour and Weapon Enchantments. It's possible to tell which type of Curio Display Room you'll be pillaging before you start the Grand Heist.

How many rewards are available within the Curio Display Rooms?

There are multiple display cases to choose from (which vary). You'll have to select which reward you want to take from the cases and forgo the rest. You'll be able to see the item's full details before you make the decision.

Is there time pressure to make this decision?

No, unless there's an active lockdown in progress.

Can I escape the Heist by simply logging out?

Yes, you can but you won't be considered to have completed the Heist unless you escape legitimately with the Artifact. Your contraband (and Artifact) will be dropped on the ground as you log out.

Will I automatically pick up Markers?

No. The only types of content that have auto-pickup functionality are things that are non-tradeable like Metamorph Organs or Azurite.

If I'm disconnected, will I be able to rejoin my Heist?

Only if the alarm has not gone off.

Will playing in a party increase the number of Markers I receive in a map?

Yes, the standard party rules apply here.

Can maps drop in Heists?

Not from regular monsters, but you can find them in special circumstances like reward chests or from minibosses.

When you recast the same curse, will it trigger Doom Blast?

No but it does when replacing it with another curse.

Will Replica Unique items get a space in the Unique Stash Tab?


Can you portal out of a Heist if you need to trade?

No, but you can between wings in a Grand Heist.

If you're running a Heist in a party, at which point do you trigger lockdown?

This happens when you smash the case that contains the Artifact so it'll apply equally for all party members even though multiple Artifacts are dropped if you have multiple party members. Your alert level is also shared between all party members.

Can you take five Trinkets to a vendor and trade them for one that isn't corrupted?

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Other than Delirium Orbs, what mapping currencies can/can't be used on Blueprints and Contracts?

e.g. Chisels, alchs, perfect fossils, bloodstained fossils, fractured fossils, Vaal Orbs, etc?
Le Toucan Will Return
Will I automatically pick up Markers?
No. The only types of content that have auto-pickup functionality are things that are non-tradeable like Metamorph Organs or Azurite.

Oh man my wrist already hurts thinking about this....
DiabloImmoral wrote:
Will I automatically pick up Markers?
No. The only types of content that have auto-pickup functionality are things that are non-tradeable like Metamorph Organs or Azurite.

Oh man my wrist already hurts thinking about this....

My understanding is that marker pickup will feel more like seed pickup in Harvest than horrid splinter mechanics. Three to five clusters of them in a typical map, maybe six or seven larger clusters in a juicy map.

Instead of them dropping like portal scrolls, imagine a global drop at alchemy orb rarity, and when it drops, you get 5-10 at lower level, 20-50 at higher.

This is my understanding from following all the posts (not playing with the system directly)
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