Announcing Path of Exile: Heist

That Master Spellblade armor set looks really good
AShugars wrote:
That Master Spellblade armor set looks really good

Ya, I'm really digging it. Can't decide if I like this one or Elder Darkseer more.
As long as I can still play sword or ax melee, I'm in.
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MLGonthorian wrote:
Heist looks kind of cool, but it doesn't seem like my cup of tea.

Same here
Sensing Synthesis influences here
But it looks like there are no timers, which is good.
Flame Wall looks great. Can we shape it or is it always semicircle?
looks like you guys took all the bad ideas from synthesis, harvest and incursion and took em to another level.

This league seems skipable and unexciting, sorry to say.
To the MF Windripper go the spoils
Why so ugly sup packs? Chris sorry but,why you hate people plays your game?Syndicate 2.0 why?
I just want to kill stuff. I don't want to learn ridiculous new mechanics - especially ones you designed a silly new gear slot for - every league. Also what's the deal with the Spellblade character effect only having two orbs while the Eagle one has seven? that's super lame. This is just adding more - way more - bloat that you'll end up having to trim later.
No fun allowed.™
I love when you release a league with a new chart, I know people hate planning in this game and thinking but it always makes it more interesting than just clicking on a thing and being done with new mechanic until next map. I know, everybody wants something else and you have can't please everybody, but I am grateful you're doing what you can! Oh, and I want synthesis back. ;<

Aaaaand sorry for my english! <3
What a big bullshit. I play a arpg and not baldurs gate.

Betrayal was to complicate for a arpg. And now i should heir specialists.
Not for me i am out
The two cheaper armor sets are the best in years! The new character effects though suck.
"Gratitude is wine for the soul. Go on. Get drunk." Rumi
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