Announcing Path of Exile: Heist

heist has nothing to do with ARPG.

so another league where i will not support you GGG

So where is a crew member picking up and carrying my loot? Such a waste opportunity

ps. Patch notes when?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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WarAngel wrote:
uhhh 3 months of wait.. Dont you have like test servers to test this shit out?Even Zuggys voice when he talked was full of dissapointment.. uhh..

Ziggy barely plays 2 weeks per league, he's already burned out for years if you ask me.
MaximGorkij wrote:
I loved PoE and played it and supported it a lot.

But the times are changing. We are getting the gameplay more and more complex, with more loot drops and more and more currencies.

But the main problem is, that the game is targeted to lifeless players, who play 10 hours a day. I have a life, work, family, so I'm able to play 1-2 hours a day.

This means endgame is closed for me, achievments are impossible to get. Each league endgame where you need to collect 100-500 different shards which drop on average 0.5 per map is impossible to play.

Also, GGG nerfs the builds each league, so the built I used to play perfectly in SSF are currently completely underpowered.

The more and more complex mechanics are not explained at all - for example, how these flowers which should improve harvest drops work? I definitelly do not found any info on them in-game. Also, after 100 hours in game I got like 2 of them.

I'm afraid that this will be the first league in long time I will leave out.

Yeah... I'm Pretty much the same situation as you are.
As much as we want to play, we do not have enough time for this.
Only the players who plays PoE as their full time job or the people who can burn their precious time will enjoy these mechanics.
We as casual players, can also spent money on the game as much as the NoLifers can.

This Game Mechanics (of oblivious grinding) will just promote on what they call "YOUTUBE GAMING", where you enjoy the game by watching your favorite streamers play their pretty much buffed-up characters. This what the "PoE Influencers" like as they can get sums of money in your Youtube views, Twitch Donation and Patreon.

This is why you can see that most streamers hate deterministic crafting and fast paced/easier gameplay.
I don't know, this league just doesn't seem fun at all. Especially for SSF.

Stealth? How minion builds will be able to do stealth?

We need more leagues like Metamorph. Easy and simple mechanics with loot.
Looks interesting. Im curious how the gameplay will be.
So where is a crew member picking up and carrying my loot? Such a waste opportunity

ps. Patch notes when?

Was Harvest your first league? If not then you should know Patch notes are out 2 days before the league goes live.
Phew, I think I will opt out of leagues for a while. PoE is becoming to complex for me to be enjoyable. Not too complex by how the system works, but too complex by how much stuff to do to be fully effective with a char. It's turned from a fun game to an almost full time job now.

Maybe it's a better way to enjoy the game by just playing Standard. =)
I'm not sure what to make of the Heist mechanic, but I'm oddly excited about the new Supporter Packs. I've been wanting more plain hoods for SO long, and the Spellblade sets both look incredible.

But, I'm not going to make a purchase until I determine if I enjoy the league or not, so hopefully Heist will be fun for a largely solo/casual player who tends toward minion builds. :)
again, seams unnecessarily over complicated but we will see, and still trying to make peoples play slow but hard hitting builds with new attack skills that also relays on other skills to grant resources for the skill you are tryng to kill stuff with

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