Alongside our 3.12 expansion in September, Path of Exile will be launching on the Epic Games Store! We are looking forward to making Path of Exile available to even more Action RPG fans to play alongside the existing PC community.

If you have friends who want to check out Path of Exile and prefer to play through the Epic Games Store, then we encourage you to invite them to join our upcoming expansion as you navigate the harsh world of Wraeclast together.

For clarity, this won't result in any changes to the way that the standalone or Steam versions of Path of Exile operate. It's another storefront to find the game on and launch the client from.

We can't wait to share the details of this expansion with you and welcome even more Exiles into the fold!
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Grinding Gear Games
While this is probably a good thing for GGG, I'm glad no one I know uses Epic games, as I've only heard negative things about Epic games.
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Awesome. Hopefully that gets more people to play the game.
People actually use the Epic store for more than getting non-free games that are currently free? Who knew...
I have a pretty good sense of humor. I'm not German.
POE coming to MAC... and EPIC.... sounds like something big is coming... something rly big... something maybe POE2.... (I feel like a crazy person screaming on the street corner saying "WAKE UP PEOPLE! THE END IS NEEAR!!")


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