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btw ggg its very cool idea with community designed mtx! ur best!
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I would love to see a sirus divine ire beam
It's time for Summon Raging Chickens?
TauOrigin wrote:
Maureeseeo wrote:
POrtal = Everyone can use.

So what? Do we have a shortage of effects on portals? I think there are a lot of them

LOL there is a lot of everything.
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Im going for a shield, something like Holy Shield from D2. Epic., and when i am at it, weapon Mtx in a shape of multyhead Flale
HDTanel wrote:
More cool and awesome skill effects to more skills!
There are a ton of skills without any cosmetic updates.
It's all cool and all but the one thing that we need atm is damage/death log. You've done this for chineese client please do this for us
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I would love to see a skill effect for Wild Strike! Wild Strike is my #1 all time favorite skill(Molten Strike being #2) and I would really love to see it get one in the near future!
please design for the top 3...

imho there are a bazillion skill effect mtx but so few good shield mtx
unqiue skin transfers don't count. :p

I'm that Morty guy.

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