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sirgog wrote:
imLuCaSsS wrote:
suggestion: Add a boss kill server msg to Private Leagues.

Specially now watching Gauntlent, I miss A LOT something like "Havoc is the first character to kill Atziri in Apex of Sacrifice!".

Or something like this.

"player1 is the first character to kill Brutus in the Upper Prison!".

This kind of message could be a thing since the beginning, btw.

They do this for zone access at least.

"ToucanSpamBot is the first player to enter Pit of the Chimera" will get posted.

Yes but you can't know if the player actually killed the boss, left the map or died to it (unless he is top 50 there is no death msg).

So, it would be great to have a BOSS KILL msg. In leagues like Gauntlet, global chat would go Delirium. xd
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