Private League Capacity Increases

nice! gj ggg!
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Great news but the next step into good private leagues will be buying slots, then everybody can play :)
10,000 might actually do some good. What will happen next though is that private league "seasons" will actually start drawing a significant number of players back after a challenge league wears off.

For those who weren't paying attention, up to now these community-sponsored events haven't actually caused player numbers to spike. At best it slows down the downward trend. So far they've just put some life back into twitch for the last month of a league.

I'm thinking community events will still fill up; the organizers are still going to be running their bot to remove inactives. Events will actually give a bump to player numbers.

And for anyone who didn't know: peak concurrent steam users tends to be about half of peak concurrent total users. But we only get insight into total user peak when chris or bex says something about it.
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Cannot wait for 3.12!
So how will I know if I get in?
After recently playing in a private league with a better economy than regular trade leagues this is great news.
Private leagues are basically SSF mentally with some trading
It seems commercially correct.
Streamers earn on GGG's product,
GGG makes money by coming to streamers.

The war against bots remains for the normal player.
How about private towns next - you don't see fuckers whose mtx cause 10 minutes of loading times, well and you just don't see any fuckers.
I am 50/50 on this.

On the positive: private leagues can have different negative mods which may be appealing to some people, and they can likely get rid of bots and have a more natural trade situation.

On the negative: if successful the amount of players in normal softcore would decline significantly hurting trading which is the normal (non-Harvest) method of gearing up. Also with 10,000 players it is really not a "private" league playing with like minded folks it is really just another server.

GGG has incentive to make money and private leagues are certainly a way to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I'm all for GGG making money so they can invest in this awesome game even more.....but this one doesn't feel as good as some people are making it out to be. I think people are forgetting that one of the great things of a new league is the huge amount of players and the lowering of prices because of the huge supply of gear. When scarcity occurs only the top players will have good gear.

As I always say, I do not begrudge the power players because those Cospri's on my character are half the price they would be normally. Obviously Harvest mitigated the power players impact significantly, but I suspect we will be back to normal in 3.12. Take out the power players from the normal league? Not good.
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On the flip side, your own items become more valuable when a market isn't nearly as flooded, leading more value to finding something decently rare or crafting something yourself.

I don't think taking advantage of a market full of cheap items should be the main way to gear items to begin with. The game needs to go in the direction of better self-crafting but without being so grossly OP like Harvest was.

Of course there's also still a chance that it could turn out private leagues won't affect the main game as much so my speculation ends up being wrong.
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