In 2018, we introduced a Private League system which allowed our players to create their own Path of Exile leagues with different mods. The community have frequently requested that we increase the player limit of Private Leagues so they can run larger leagues. We're happy to announce that we're increasing the size of Private Leagues today!

As of the time we posted this, we've already increased the Private League member limit by 1,000. This means you can purchase more player slots now and increase your Private League up to a maximum capacity of 3,000 players. We'll continue to incrementally increase the limit every day until we reach a cap of 10,000 players or if we hit any issues with size limits. The reason for doing this slowly is to ensure that there aren't any technical issues that occur by having too many players in a Private League.

We look forward to seeing how the community incorporates these larger limits into their group play!
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Grinding Gear Games
You guys rock; thank you!
Well thats a good news
Tanx GGG
It is a good news isn't it
In the future will we be able to get a void private "league" with Endless Ledge and/or Descent Champions? This way the community can keep creating races.
It is not nice to delete people's post just because you do not like it, GGG!!!
Hmm. I wonder if this might fragment the community as more streamers run their own private leagues.
IGN: JerleCantStopRolling
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
Ripped 760pdps +2arrow bow 16 Aug 2020 - 16 Aug 2020
Jerle wrote:
Hmm. I wonder if this might fragment the community as more streamers run their own private leagues.

Be careful what you write, I said the same thing and they deleted my post.
There are private leagues?! How does one join / start one?

Edit: Upon looking this up, the max length of a league appears to be two months. Like, why even bother if that's the case. If a community can afford to continue to support a server, why bother limiting them?
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10000! Isn't that pretty overkill? There's like 20k people playing daily right now? This seems bad for league launches if the community is split further. Oh wells. Basically a solo game anyway.

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