What to Expect in the Coming Weeks

new content is nice, but can you fix the old bugs? Like access to standard stash denial of service - that would be great, thanks
Please, release new chaos skills gems. We're limited on poison and Ed, contagion, soulrend and bane which has their limits to damage scale compared to elemental and physical damage
harvest is such a great league, I'm sad it is going away
This time, however, the Supporter Packs launched alongside Harvest will stay in the store for the duration of 3.12 league, so you'll have more time to decide whichever supporter pack you prefer - the old one or the new one.

really nice
kelabukelala wrote:
DimeGod wrote:
vio wrote:

harvest split me in half.
on one hand it should have been fun crafting, on the other hand i should have been able to craft at least one good piece.

Pretty much sums up my league experience also...
If you didn't play the game 8+ hours a day, no chance you could even see 50% of the content. didn't even encounter one of the 3 sub bosses and I can forget about Heart of the Grove...

GGG, make content a bit more accessible...?

what do you mean, i have full time job and play 3-4 hrs a day. Look at my challenge completion

The percentage of players who can optimize their time with game content is extremely low.
It's not just about who makes 40/40, it's just the style of play that doesn't conform to what you should encounter in the game.
Use of the filter and waste of time in collections of useless objects and identifications, mechanics not understood, and more ....

I left the game for this too, I don't know how to optimize,
but I do not accuse GGG of this, everyone must know how to make their own choices.

sorry for my bad english
Having to rely on broader RNG for crafting once again...FeelsBadMan
Cant wait, GGG is on roll lately.
can't be worse than Harvest league :)
Ok, I dont mind waiting a bit longer as long as you release it with minimal ammount of bugs. AND as long as harvest dosent go core in any way. It has been fun but even the weak craft are too strong.
4 meme jewels sold, Harvest
Baristo wrote:
I am excited for 3.12!

Metamorph, Delirium and Harvest all have been an amazing leagues.

And all together form the best league ever.

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