Racing Gauntlet Community Event This Weekend - Huge Sale on Footprints, Portals and Character Effects

cool and ty for race
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Full slots 2k/2k. 2k+ more waiting, disappointment...
Thanks for supporting the race with mtx. 2k slots is not enough for us to hold our own event every three months. Why is this so difficult.
are races ever coming back for free players?
race has been underway. I was gong to watch is, but doesn't seem to have much hype. maybe next league :)
Last edited by Mentoya on Aug 22, 2020, 7:44:53 PM
disappointment. they aren't even opening slots as people go afk. what is the point? poorly run
why only 2k slots?

there are lvl 28 chars in the top 1000.... and that's including dead characters...

some people obviously applied to just steal spots and troll...

please make at least 10k slots in the future...

so disappointing
I'm that Morty guy.
2k slots... wtf 20k next!
Just flip a switch and give us a voided league at the end of a league, then kill it 2 weeks before the end of a parent league so people don't burn out. These private races are so sad. I'm glad streamers are having fun, but watching the same race with the same skills over and over again....People literally trying to figure out way to make your game fun towards the end of a league and are forced to limit it to 2k players.
the initial GGG post about ziggyd having coverage on his youtube channel was a lie. No race coverage exists at all...

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