Racing Gauntlet Community Event This Weekend - Huge Sale on Footprints, Portals and Character Effects

Alupvp wrote:
Kinda sad these events are only in HC while the game is not built around HC playstyle... and what's also strange is that an event like this is getting crippled by GGGs private league max player limit, not sure what you guys are thinking.

Would you please read before posting... This is NOT a GGG race. It is a community organized race. If you want an event that is not HC create one yourself and organize it. GG.
I was looking forward to playing in the race this entire week but it reached full capacity extremely fast... Why set the limit to only 2000 players while there's another 2000+ waiting??? This is really disappointing...
So only 2000 players? No chance to join anymore?
Doing AD for this event at least i hoped GGG could do no-limit for this event even if its community.
Hush, people, hush!
Flashback, mayhem, other fun races that are free for everyone to join?
What the hell are you talking about? Did you forget so quickly?

No fun allowed here.
The Mirror of Kalandra : 5th May, 2020 18:32
Sounds fun, how can I enter? oh wait I can't! Why bother posting this?
Also, how can I complete the "Achievements" race if this is not an official race? and there will be no more official races ever?
I am almost sure I read the instructions... It said about 1400 seats available only when the event starts, but 15 minutes before I see about 4000 people in the wait list... so anybody is allowed anymore. So sad...
2000 player big joke
I don't post often, but I am here to say you guys are doing an awful job with giving us racing events. Shit you could even put a damn mayhem once every 2 leagues to make it look like you give a damn...
It really is truly sad. They are so afraid of player retention in their dead leagues is ridiculous. Give people options, let people choose what they want to do. I m sure there are a lot more people like me who would rather start over a new league/race over playing on a 2 month old dead league. This event is nothing but a punch to the stomach and a reminder of how actually dead racing is in poe
Garbage league, no flashback in a long while, keep at it, I'm waiting for PoE 2 until then, maybe by that time you'll get your sh1t together...

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