3.11.1f Patch Notes

Patch stuck at 80.20%

Could we get an update on the hotfix please? Yesterday (today early morning) the patch was out with a size of ~500mb and was more or less playable, just that assets took a few minutes to load on each new instance. But the "hotfix" to solve the issue is 5 gigs?! Not going to lie, something be fishy around here.

Cheers ~
game play is much smoother thank you
Not sure what is going on, but I've got a 5GB update.

Probably should let us know when a hotfix is bigger than new league updates.

Please understand that 5GB is a significant download for a lot of people.
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After today's automatic update, my Content.ggpk filesize is ~ 38GB. I deleted it and downloaded it again. And oh gods, it began to size only a little more than 30 GB. Is this a magic or?
After 80 minutes of updating on Steam and 80 GB written to the disk, the GGPK file is now 39 GB.

Can we please get a statement from GGG on when they intend to remedy the embarrassing state of updates and finally split the huge file?
I guess it's either 1 or 38,000. Nothing in between, right?
Another 5 GB patch that need 50GB of free space for install? HOW THE F**K do you come up with this cr*p?
Maybe its stuff for 2.0?
5gb lol

That's a lot for those who have metered connections.

This better be for prepping the next league otherwise for just a late league patch this is way too big.

LOL wts to trade channel,

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