A 3 IQ Summoner Build to Mindlessly Farm the Atlas on a Budget PC Setup

Hello, I started this build. I have a problem. I die when skeletons explode.Pls help me.
LostSoul15 wrote:
Ginaw wrote:
Back to you all with another question!

I drifter a bit from the basic guide at this point. Cluster jewels, unique amulet, auras - mainly going with tips left by junkypic011 below the guide itself.

Working like a treat so far, but I'm a bit squishy at times.

I switched to Bone Offering, I also seft cast Bone Armor and Enduring Cry.
I use Granite + Quartz + Basalt flasks

but even with all that, ill timed attack can ruin my day.

I'm guessing main reason would be my measly 4722 hp, but I'm not sure what I can sacrifice to bring that number up, and by how much.
There is also an option of decking out AG in better gear, but that is expensive, and I am yet to buy proper weapons for this build :/

Any ideas on what to change to improve tankiness?

Wont help much. I got around 5500 Life, or even a bit more, and during Heists and unlucky Situations i still get obliterated pretty easily. Guess there are other classes that are more likely to be tanky :D

ty for this, I thought perhaps my hp was contributing to the blaps.
misterpickle1 wrote:
I'm playing SSF. Is there ANY WAY to target the "To Dust" jewel?

There is not, Pickle
Awesome build. I'll be running it for endless delve.

Any thoughts on this differing for it? Spectres to utilize?
SirBugg wrote:
Awesome build. I'll be running it for endless delve.

Any thoughts on this differing for it? Spectres to utilize?

I'm not running this specific build, but another physical skelemancer, so I may help as well.

Skelemancers are great for SSF in general, as they require literally no gear to deal solid damage to everything. Clear speed isn't best, but unless you want to win the race (and you probably don't), what really matters is survivability past lvl 90, and this build should be OK. Only downside is the absence of cluster jewels notables, namely Blessed Rebirth (4s damage immunity on summon) which is required for really deep delve, so you'll have to stop at some point and go sideways, but that should be after reaching monster level 83 so no harm done in terms of xp grinding.

I personally will use both claw and shield from starting gear. Claw offers lvl 20 haste from the start, which is huge ! But most important of all, the shield gives 30% block chance for both attacks and spells. Imho this is incredibly strong for necromancers when combined with Bone Offering + Mistress of Sacrifice. With Glancing blows and the shield node next to the keystone, you hit 75% block for attacks and spell hits, with ~300 HP recovery on block, with no other investment. I think this huge boost to survivability is worth much more than Flesh Offering.

I'm unsure whether physical skellies or Hatred build is best. If you feel brave, you can pick up all mesh gloves to try and chance Triad Grip (even with no green socket, it's worth it) to go full elemental and use Elemental Weakness, and Hatred with generosity (and maybe Skitterbots). Else, Brutality + Pride is probably superior to Hatred, so just drop the claw on level 38 when you socket brutality.

As for spectres, I'm afraid there are no good support spectres in delve. I'll pick turongs or vaal tough guys for meat shield, as I see no better thing to do as skelemancer.
(If you consider spectres as main damage minions, though, cold Vaal advocates with Hatred are a thing)
Dear OP,
any comments for 3.13?
We have already the ascendancy changes, later today we will have the patch notes.
Not a lot changed for the build in 3.13, right?
just some minion dmg reduction, but I would like to hear the professionals about it. I'm just a casual noob. Played minion builds before, but not skelly.
Many thanks for this post and the effort you put into creating it. I think this will be my first build for the new ladder starting tonight.
I wonder if it's worth to switch one of the damage gems for Predator support for these 10 Boss fights. The damage compared to Minion Damage Support should be the same, but you can let your skeletons focus one Boss after another.
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