The Celestial Arc Effect

Looks pretty neat, but I guess it would be cooler if the arc would leave behind a visible line and some enemies a point, so it look like a star constellation.

But thanks anyway.
RIP Arc, it will be nerfed soon :)
hey GGG, you guys have 2 options only... either you FINALLY give us an celestial carryon golem skin OR you finally stop throwing out more celestial stuff. at this rate there is no way i will have all the celestial mtx anyways, so just give the one thing i really want pls :(
Nice mtx, but arc as a skill is poop.
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Ianpact wrote:
That is pretty sweet looking but I really wish you would start making MTX for more than one skill. Could have been used with Wild Strike, Ball Lightning, Orb of Storms, and probably a few more. Buying an MTX for just one skill is unsatisfying. To get real value out of it you have to play that same skill over and over and over again. If it worked for a few skills it would definitely feel more worth it value.

I'm kind of getting the feeling that they are going to do a mass dump of MTX when POE 2 gets released and are releasing some old mtx (reskins) I believe for now... thats my running theory.. I also think they're father along with POE 2 than they are letting up.. you know under promise over deliver kinda thing but thats really just my wishful thinking
Since I'm an Arch Witch in mind and spirit, I acquired the MTX and have started using this effect - here is a micro-review:

I'm a bit hesitant about skill effects normally since the are very limited in their applicability, but in this case I'm happy I made an exception. The visuals of this skill gem effect is outstanding. I really think GGG and the visual effects team outdid themselves on this one. Arguably, many MTX effects in the store look a bit dated nowadays, especially the older ones. This one feels crisp and fresh.

The only thing I'm torn about is the sound effect (yes, I'm one of those crazy ones that do mapping with sound effects on, giving me immense pleaure in feeling like a destroyer of worlds at the cost of also destroying my ears). It's a lot more soft and toned down compared to the default arc sound effect which I think makes the skill feel "weaker" in a sense. There is a little soft thump sound when the first enemy is hit and some other soft celestial sound probably, but it's all very low (I thought it was completely silent at first). It feels a bit like you are caressing the mosters to sleep rather than ripping them apart with arcane magic - I guess this is kind of in the celestial theme, but I think I would have prefered a little bit more punch in the sound. (Edit: I realize I might have to lean in on the sleep theme now and use Acton's Nightmare music in my hideout and make my character look like Sandman.)

TLDR: A bit lacking on the sound side, but the visuals are outstanding. I think it's definitely worth the points if you are a prevalent Arch user. Cheers!
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nah, too bright with Bloom.
Will pass.
Wow nice, looks like a completely different skill!
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