What could be more satisfying than electrocuting packs of monsters with cosmic-powered lightning? Check out the new Celestial Arc Effect that introduces new visuals for a popular Skill Gem. Watch the video below or click here to get yours!

Complete your celestial appearance with matching cosmetic effects from the store, such as the Celestial Armour Set, Celestial Wings, Celestial Hood, Darkprism Weapon and the Darkprism Character Effect.

Thank you for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games

how tf did it post 3 times O_o
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that's it

incoming starter arc build for next league
Ultraman Number Six
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No fun allowed.™
That is pretty sweet looking but I really wish you would start making MTX for more than one skill. Could have been used with Wild Strike, Ball Lightning, Orb of Storms, and probably a few more. Buying an MTX for just one skill is unsatisfying. To get real value out of it you have to play that same skill over and over and over again. If it worked for a few skills it would definitely feel more worth it value.
Snap I finished almost all my points for this league, anyway it's better that i do not start an other build xD
Truly nice looking skill effect. Love it GGG team.
Not bad

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