The Celestial Arc Effect

Power... UNLIMITED P O W E R!!!!
Ianpact wrote:
That is pretty sweet looking but I really wish you would start making MTX for more than one skill. Could have been used with Wild Strike, Ball Lightning, Orb of Storms, and probably a few more. Buying an MTX for just one skill is unsatisfying. To get real value out of it you have to play that same skill over and over and over again. If it worked for a few skills it would definitely feel more worth it value.

and if they did that you can guarantee there would be complaints "Why do I have to buy an MTX for all these other skills I'm never going to use?"

Don't forget that there is about another 12years+ of leagues and expansions to come. GGG wants you to pace your purchases to keep the game funded for the longterm not blanket buy groups of skill MTX and be done. That would be bad business management.

100% Ethical, most of the time.
I’m STILL waiting for Celestial Ice Shot!!!
Nice Arc Effect ^^

Next Freezing Pulse Effect PLX @GGG. It is actually to bright atm ...
Shockingly good!
shut up and take my money POG
Meeeh. Original looks way better. I does not look like lightning at all
Rakie1337 wrote:
Holy shit, they're nerfing arc AGAIN? god damn.

nerfing AGAIN. :(
Now that's a good one! Keep up the good work.

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