[3.11] Phoenixscales Cold BV Inquisitor - All Content ready!



This will be a comprehensive build guide for my favourite character this league, a Cold BV Inquisitor. It has been a blast to map and boss with, and I hope I can inspire you to make something similar to this!
All my gear is selfcrafted, and while the super endgame version is in the 50ex+ range, you can certainly do everything with far less currency to start with, as it maps very fast and safe to ramp up your currency and garden crafts!

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask here on the forum, as it might get disruptive when people ask on the client.

TL;DR: Path of Building

Current version, 7.2m Shaper DPS: https://pastebin.com/cWnvp7sJ
Endgame goal, 24m Shaper DPS: https://pastebin.com/DRtfTh3z

Build Concept

- Level 28 Blade Vortex (21/5/1/1 from Gem/Staff/Body/Amulet).
- 150% Increased Effect of Hatred, 40% Increased Effect of Auras on you, 22% Increased Effect of Non-Curse Auras, with a Level 24 Hatred (21/2/1 from Gem/Staff/Amulet).
- Ignoring Enemies Elemental Resistance on Crit, 100% Crit Chance.
- Sources of Increased Damage Taken from Ascendancy, Helmet, Flask.

- Staff and Glancing Blows for an easy 75%/50% Attack and Spell Block.
- Taste of Hate and Helmet Mod: 30% of Physical Damage taken as Cold.
- Enduring Cry gives 3 Charges as well as 2k Life over 1 second, with 2 uses for solid sustain without Leech/Flask Charges.
- Permanent Tailwind/Elusive for some Attack/Spell Dodge as well as Movement Speed.
- Damage is taken as 50% Life and 50% ES, increasing the effective Life Pool.
- Capped Elemental and Chaos Resistance.

- Curse is applied automatically (Ring on hit).
- Curse Immunity when on Consecrated Ground, which is always since we're an Inquisitor.
- Corpse Explosions to avoid On-Death Effects (Porcupines, ugh!).
- Elemental Reflect Immunity.
- Relaxed Unleash Blade Vortex Playstyle, having to press BV only every ~3s.

Why does this build feel amazingto play?

- The playstyle of this build is very worry-free. There is no need to pay attention to a Curse Flask, you are Elemental Ailment Immune, on Death Effects are limited to Storm/Flame/Frost Bearers and Volatiles.
- It maps very fast and satisfyingly due to the Explosions scaled by Hatred and spread by Herald of Ash.
- You always have something to upgrade. Every Item is a rare item, which gives the opportunity to use Harvest to its fullest extent. This gives a very good sense of progression and satisfaction once you complete your next upgrade.



Body Armour:










Budget Gear

Cold Conversion Watchers Eye
Tacati Staff
Explodey Chest: Roll Phys taken as Lightning on a ilvl:85+ Crusader Base, 2* Remove Non-Phys Add Phys for guaranteed Explosion Mod
Unleash Helmet: Reforge with Caster Modifiers on a Redeemer Base
Tailwind Boots: Reforge With Crit on a Hunter Base for guaranteed Tailwind Mod
Dexterity and Strength on Gear: You will need 155/159 Dexterity somehow.

Harvest Crafts are in Blue, Metamods in Orange.
This will show the Crafting Process for the Endgame Gear.

1. Staff Base was bought with the Temple Mod 'Tacati's' (105-110% Spell Damage, 5% of non-Chaos as Extra Chaos) and '+1-2 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems'.
2. Clear Suffixes and the last Prefix to have a clean Base.
3. Metacraft Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers. This allows only '+1-2/3 to Level of all Physical Skill Gems' and 'Gain % Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage' to roll as the last Prefix.
4. Augment a Physical Modifier.
5. Remove Physical -> Add Physical until hitting '+3 to Level of all Physical Skill Gems'.
6. Augment a Caster Modifier. This can only hit Cast Speed or Critical Chance for Spells.
7. Remove Caster -> Add Caster until T1 Spell Critical Strike Chance (Chance to hit T1 is ~8.5%).
8. Augment a Crit Modifier and pray for T1 Global Crit Multiplier. If unlucky or unhappy, Remove Suffixes with Harvest or Prefixes Cannot be Changed, then back to 7.
9. Redeemer's Exalted Orb and pray for 'Hatred has % Increased Effect' T1. If you don't hit this mod on T1/2, go to 11. Otherwise just divine and you're done.
10. Remove Influence -> Add Influence until T1 (Chance to hit T1 is ~7%).

Body Armour:

I plan to make exemplary videos of everything I have done with this character to showcase it as best as I can. Those videos will come as the guide is written.

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Hey there, any specific reason you picked inqui over assassin ?

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