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Nebulis without explode mod can me rather cheap. 1-2ex. That would be enough to start with.
What's important is to have 20% mod and maximise the convertion on your Call of the Brotherhood rings.
bvanharjr wrote:
PunkSviin wrote:
Gearing upp and leveling this build. For the weapon, what kinda influence would you recomend for budget?

You cannot influence Synthesised items. Nebulis is also VERY, VERY required.

i ment what other implicit on the Nebulis.
How is this build compare to general aura bot, I'm looking for a build which is kind of aura support in party farm and has the ability to solo farming, is this build what im looking for?
this build possible with the same quality in Standard?
This may be a stupid question but why run the chaos res nodes when you take chaos inoculation?
Also,what are some ways that we can get extra reduced mana reserved, in the meantime, while we try and find clusters with it.

Seems nearly impossible to find any clusters that have the reduced mana reserved corruption and the base stats we need.
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your start league build was smt with mine or what? Yes build cool but i think u can't start league with that.
lmfao no... this is not a league starter. Literally the farthest thing from a league starter you can find.

cant even do white maps on this build without at least 200x investment
How did you level your scion?
How did you level your scion?

I league started BL mines, but you probably want to level with hollow palm and breach stones until 90+
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