🌟🌟[3.13 UPDATE] Aura Stacking - all content viable - most versatile build🌟🌟

🌟🌟🌟Guide updated with 3.13 Standard POB🌟🌟🌟
3.13 - Awakening Level 9: https://youtu.be/0VwoaxHBudI

🌟JOIN TFT: https://discord.gg/tftrove🌟

This build is an alternative to the 5K ES LL variants of this build, which is more true to the 3.10 nature due to it being way tankier while still dealing insane amounts of damage. If you are looking for an immortal build to farm t17 100% delirium maps - this is the one.

🌟Update 3.13
Clusters heavily nerfed, alternate quality aura's heavily nerfed, still the same god mode. Godspeed, exiles.

🌟Update 3.12
Due to changes to the tree we can no longer access glancing blows in a meaningful way. It is possible to use it in Standard with a legacy lethal pride with Kiloava and 1% rmr!
Additionally the build got buffed for standard since the changes to vitality give more ES regen than current % value! :)
Alternate quality auras are an overall buff to the build, since the alternate qualities get buffed by aura effect. Additional usage of enhance makes some of them to very strong build options!


🌟Video Showcases:🌟
🌟The Maven:
Deathless Maven - 3min: https://youtu.be/ffeDKPbdN_E
Cortex, Elder, Shaper, Uber Atziri, Chayula: https://youtu.be/7IDBu9F2wYM

🌟Sirus "Showcases":
3.13 - Awakening Level 9: https://youtu.be/0VwoaxHBudI
Final Phase: https://youtu.be/XSKgivByDsk
Speedrun: https://youtu.be/5Ah5x1HapaY

🌟Uber Elder:
Cwdt/0-Link: https://youtu.be/Dtzc3pg8rWU

Drox: https://youtu.be/Kd0doXJAiZI
Veritania: https://youtu.be/wSfDEb7cgEs
Al-Hezmin: https://youtu.be/FlgW8ugUqI0

🌟Delving Showcases:
Aul, the Crystal King 1.600+ Depth: https://youtu.be/bLeB84S68zI
Ahuatotli, the Blind 1.000+ Depth: https://youtu.be/kfmKaKYItH0
Kurgal, the Blackblooded 1.000+ Depth: https://youtu.be/lmDOz6gm_sQ
"Tanking" Shriekers 4.000 Depth: https://youtu.be/IrWHm6M1Th4

HOGM Speedrun: https://youtu.be/UCPCt1ZZ--k
Vs Johnsonman <3: https://youtu.be/4mMiC_Jo8ik


🌟Optimized for Standard POB:🌟 https://pastebin.com/sHcWakfA
My new 3.13 POB is ready - Highlights:
400% Aura Effect, 12k ES, 30 Mil. Sirus DPS (unconditional), still Immortal :)

🌟POB‘s only work with the community fork of POB:🌟 https://pathofbuilding.community/

🌟6L Setups:🌟
Depending on the use-case multiple 6L setups are interesting for this build - I am mainly going to discuss the setups for spark:

The following 3 Links for Spark will always be required:

If you have alternate quality Aura's to get penetration:

Else use:

If you want to have more clear replace Pinpoint with:


🌟Build-Core - Everything Aura Effect:🌟

The most important part are the iLvl84 Aura Effect Clusters with 6 nodes. A single small node grants you the following bonuses. With 6 Jewels that totals in 30 nodes, which results in 480 flat ES, 300 Int, 8.1% life regen and 240 Aura Effect.

Additionally using two Medium Cluster jewels with Purposeful Harbinger instead of maximum ES can be very beneficial if you run 2+ heralds.

🌟How does the Aura Effect scaling work? Aura Effect works on the bonuses your Auras give, as well as their quality and other Auras you have like the Guardian Ascendancy Bonus (Auras from your Skills grant +1% Physical Damage Reduction to you and Allies).
It is important to reach certain breakpoints of aura effect to reach new levels of power with this build. For example the above effect grants +1% Physical Damage Reduction for each aura you have. With 10 Auras that +10% Physical Damage Reduction. If your build gives you 300% increased Effect of Auras (generic!) this bonus is increased to +4% Physical Damage Reduction (300% increased) per Aura resulting in 40% Physical Damage Reduction.
This concept applies to all aura-like effects on you, e.g. necromancer attack/castspeed per aura, quality effects of alternate quality aura's, ...

🌟How do I check my total aura effect?
In POB you can check your total aura effect - Important:
1) Purposeful Harbinger is not added to the total aura effect! You have to add that by yourself - e.g. running 2xPH and 2 heralds nets 32% aura effect on top of the number shown below.
2) Always check your total aura effect on an aura that has no increases apart from generic aura effect. A safe bet is precision! Hatred for example exists on ring corruptions or vengeful commander notable and is thus not a safe bet.

The below example shows the total aura effect of precision at 5.1, which is 510% total aura effect (the base is 100%, that means this build has added 410% aura effect) additionally my build currently has 32% aura effect from purposeful harbinger and two heralds netting a total of 542% aura effect.

🌟How to reach 400% Aura Effect?🌟
Base: 100%
Tree: 57% (including anoint)
Gear: 44% (10% shield + 15% helmet +19% Timeless Jewel Glorious Vanity)
Regular 6 node: 6 clusters x 5 nodes x 4% effect = 120%
Regular 5 node: 1 cluster x 4 nodes x 4% effect = 16%
Purposeful Harbinger: 2 clusters x (4 nodes x 4% effect + (2 heralds x 8%)) = 64%
Total: 401% Aura Effect


🌟Auras done quick🌟
Weapon swap (X) and fill skill bars with aura's that are not in your main weapon/shield!


🌟Standard Gear:🌟

🌟Outdated - Glancing Blows (no longer possible):
Getting Glancing Blows as easy is no longer possible in 3.12!
Another notable difference is the usage of Thread of Hope to reach Glancing blows. With a 5% es recovery on block shield this provides us with insane defences, since we reach 75%/72% block, with the use of clusters and gear choices.
Update: The only way to get Glancing blows easily is in Standard, you need a legacy Lethal Pride with "Kiloava".


🌟Crafting: (3.13 Harvest Methods)🌟
There are only 3 rare pieces of gear, that you can easily craft through harvest.


These boots can easily be crafted, by merging a redeemer and hunter boots base of your choice. I happen to hit these exact boots with the woke orb and added aspect of the avian. If you are not that fortunate it's no problem. You simply alt regal into T1 ES and Tailwind. You then Augment crit to gain Elusive and reroll speed to get t1 movespeed. Add Aspect - done.


This is a bit trickier. You want to merge shaper spellblock with redeemer mana reduced and get a removable/craftable third suffix. You then add/remove life for Vitality. This is necessary since spellblock and reduced mana can't be obtained from harvest craft. Afterwards you remove/add defence for T1 ES and slam speed for guaranteed movespeed. Craft ES from Bench and you're done.


The shield can also very easily be crafted with Harvest. You use an awakener orb to combine Socketed Gems have 15% reduced reservation from shaper and T1 Aura Effect from redeemer - if you end up with removeable/craftable prefixes and an open/removable suffix you aug defence twice. 3-5% es recovery on block suffix is guaranteed, afterwards you can reroll for a high flat roll and either slam or benchcraft es. I also augmented lightning since I aimed to hit +1 lightning gems, but I hit T1 lightning damage before, so I kept that.

🌟Crafting: (3.12 Heist)🌟

There are only 3 rare pieces of gear, which were very easy to craft with harvest. Sadly GGG decided those methods won’t be added to the core game thus we need alternatives to the items used in 3.11.


To craft similarly good boots in heist you want elusive/tailwind. Afterwards you annul all other mods if you don’t hit other good prefixes. You then multimod cannot be frozen and ms&cannot be chilled. As last Suffix add aspect of the avian.


For an easier and more heist friendly version you combine clarity (shaper) and reduced mana reserved (redeemer) with an awakener orb. If you have an open suffix and prefix you craft suffixes cannot be changed and scour. Then you multimod %es and either flat es or projectile speed/damage. The open prefix can be slammed with Leo in research. Afterwards you add quality with fertile catalysts and anoint "Champion of the Cause".


Getting a good shield will arguably be the hardest task. You should first try your luck by combining spellblock (shaper) and reduced mana reserved (hunter). If your result is bad you are best of spamming single dense fossils on your shield until you get high es and mana reserved. Getting this exact shield will be nearly impossible. Another option could be using a unique shield like prism guardian.

Crafting the aforementioned jewels won’t be as easy as with harvest. You will still need 7-9 medium cluster jewels with increased effect of non-curse auras from your skills. These jewels need to have 6 nodes - having less then 6 wastes a lot of stats as mentioned above. The current leagues crafting method to get similar jewels is as follows (very expensive!)
Obtain base jewel (ilvl 84, 6 nodes)
Roll with alterations for t1 (6-8) intelligence and t1 (35%) increased effect of small passives
Use an imprint beast (craicic chimeral) to imprint the magic jewel
Use an orb of regal (optional: Leo in research / exalt)
If you fail to hit t1 (10-12) energy shield prefix use the imprint and try again
(note: this can easily take 100 imprints per jewel!)
It is not that important to get the life regen suffix, but if you want that one too you have to Leo/exalt slam.


Since I get asked a lot how to level with this build - you don't!
Use your preferred method for a twink (hollow palm is good). Run breachstone rotas/get carried in 5ways/... until you are lvl90+, then do a full respec.


If you have questions regarding the build (pob-reviews are not questions) - feel free to message me on discord. jix @ https://discord.gg/tftrove
For further build help you can visit the >build-help channel on our discord!

Aura Stacking Guide: /view-thread/2913007
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I really love the fact in the POB you list the item prices, but at the same time ;) One day, one day I am gonna build one of these, when I can have 500 exalts to fk around ;)
What are your thoughts on arc vs spark?
Super cool build. Very similar to the LL Winter Orb making 100M dps , you dropped some damage to improve the tankyness, very nice.
However I’m a bit sceptic on your map clearing ability, would be great to see some mapping video to gauge movement and clearing. Explode + Winter Orb would definitely be doable on your build. That’s the great stuff on aura stacking build, you can more or less use any main skill)
Very well done mate!
Adeaz wrote:
What are your thoughts on arc vs spark?

Spark has great clearing, while arc is great for bossdmg - sirus is very annoying with spark due to the big arena
Aura Stacking Guide: /view-thread/2913007
Baygon_Rouge wrote:
Super cool build. Very similar to the LL Winter Orb making 100M dps , you dropped some damage to improve the tankyness, very nice.
However I’m a bit sceptic on your map clearing ability, would be great to see some mapping video to gauge movement and clearing. Explode + Winter Orb would definitely be doable on your build. That’s the great stuff on aura stacking build, you can more or less use any main skill)
Very well done mate!

I use shield charge with is insanely fast with all the ats you get from necro ascendancy - clearspeed is very strong with spark - you cast once and clear the screen basically :)
Aura Stacking Guide: /view-thread/2913007
Gearing upp and leveling this build. For the weapon, what kinda influence would you recomend for budget?
PunkSviin wrote:
Gearing upp and leveling this build. For the weapon, what kinda influence would you recomend for budget?

You cannot influence Synthesised items. Nebulis is also VERY, VERY required.
I don't check my posts. Once I post 'em, they're staying as-is. Best way to contact me is through the PM system.

is this possible on 200ex budget. i saw nebulis a for like half my budget

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